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Faculties of School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL), Gurgaon

Browse list of faculties of School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL), Gurgaon

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Department of Economics

  • Bianka Ray Chaudhury, PhD
    Assistant Professor (Exp: 8 years)

  • Dr. P. K. Bhaumik, B.Tech
    Director and Professor (Exp: 25 years)

  • Dr. Subhajyoti Ray,

  • Hardayal Singh, M.Sc., MA.

Department Of Finance

  • Deepak Wadhawan,
    Senior Advisor

  • Dr. N R Parasuraman, PhD
    (Exp: 27 years)

  • Neetika Batra, Graduate

  • Ravi Ramakrishnan, Chartered Accountant
    (Exp: 30 years)

  • Vivek Bhatia, Masters in Finance & Control (MFC)
    (Exp: 19 yrs)

Department Of HR (Human Resources)

  • Arunav Banerjee,
    (Exp: 15 years)

  • Debi Saini,

  • Dr. Snehal Shah, Ph.D.
    (Exp: 12 years)

  • Francis Rebello,
    Strategic Human Asset Consultant

  • Kalpana Sinha,
    (Exp: 18 years)

  • Mandeep Singh, MBA
    (Exp: 14 years)

  • Noel Machado, Masters in Sociology
    (Exp: 20 yrs)

  • P. N. Shukla,
    (Exp: 24 years)

  • Pallavi Tandon, M.Phil, in Sociology

  • Prasenjit Bhattacharya, MA

  • Raavi Birbal,

  • Renu Misra,
    Associate Professor and Head (Exp: 16 years)

  • Sanjay Lakhotia,

  • Shabbir Merchant,

  • Shyam Viswanathan, MBA
    Consultant and Professor (Exp: 30 years)

Department Of Information Systems

  • Dr. K. B. C. Saxena,
    Professor (Exp: 40 years)

  • Dr. Shri Kant Gupta, PhD, MBA.
    Head of Program Office (Exp: 30 years)

  • Praveen Malik,
    (Exp: 18 years)

  • Ullas Sharma, MBA
    (Exp: 24 years)

Department of Leadership

  • Amrita Lalljee,
    B.A. (Hons) in Psychology (Exp: 17 years)

  • Anil Sachdev, MBA

  • Barbara Jones,
    (Exp: 30 years)

  • Debra R. Miller,

  • Dr. Paul Tolchinsky, Ph.D.
    (Exp: 35 yrs)

  • Dr. Ramnath Narayanswamy,

  • Dr. Swaminathan Sabesan,
    (Exp: 20 years)

  • Ester Martinez,
    Master’s Degree in Management (Exp: 13 years)

  • Lisa Powell Graham,
    (Exp: 5 yrs)

  • Lushin Dubey,
    Masters in History

  • Nithya Shanti,

  • Renu Mattoo,
    Post graduate management (Exp: 16 years)

  • Simon Goland,
    MA., B.Sc., M.Sc.

  • Susie Roy, BSc.

  • Urmila Chowdhury, B.A., M.A.
    (Exp: 20 years)

  • V. S. Mahesh, Professor
    B Sc and M Sc (Physics)

  • Vijayalakshmi Viswanathan,
    MBA (gold medalist) (Exp: 25 years)

  • William C Miller,
    (Exp: 20 years)

Department of Operations

  • Ashutosh Mishra,
    (Exp: 14 years)

  • Dr. Kingshuk Sinha, Ph.D., B.Tech.

  • Dr. Rajiv Gupta,
    Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering (Exp: 30 years)

  • Ravi Gilani,
    (Exp: 34 years)

Department Of Marketing & Sales

  • A N Bhattacharya, MMS
    Professor (Exp: 18 yrs)

  • Anil Gupta, MBA
    (Exp: 21 years)

  • Ashok Gupta, MBA., Ph.D.

  • Dr. Chiranjeev Kohli, MBA., Ph.D.

  • Dr. Jonlee Andrews, MBA., Ph.D.

  • Freda Swaminathan, PGDM
    (Exp: 25 years)

  • Hamsini Shivakumar,

  • Ishan Gupta, MBA

  • K K Srivastava,
    Post graduate (Exp: 23 years)

  • Sudhir Chand,
    (Exp: 42 years)

  • Sunil Sangra, MBA
    (Exp: 25 years)

Department of Strategy

  • Adwaita Govind Menon, PhD

  • Arvind Nair,
    Management Degree (Exp: 30 years)

  • Dr. Avner Benner, Ph.D.

  • Dr. Deepak Puggal,
    Masters in Business Management

  • Dr. Francois Dupuy, BA., MBA

  • Dr. Gary Jusela, MA., PhD

  • Dr. Karl Erik Sveiby,
    (Exp: 15 years)

  • Dr. Lilach Nachum, PhD., MBA.

  • Dr. Patricia A Evans, PhD
    (Exp: 20 years)

  • Dr. Svjetlana Madzar, PhD

  • Dr. William H. Davidson, MBA

  • Prasun Chowdhury,
    (Exp: 14 years)

  • Stephanos George Eapen, MBA

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