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Faculties of National Institute of Design (NID), Gandhinagar

Browse list of faculties of National Institute of Design (NID), Gandhinagar

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  • Akhil Succena,
    akhilsuccena[at]nid [dot]edu

    Akhil Succena joined NID as a faculty in the Visual
    Communication discipline in 1973. Since then he
    has been instrumental in curriculum development,
    teaching, project guidance in the area of film and video
    communication, sound design, and film making among
    others. He headed the Film and Video Communication
    discipline for several years. He is a graduate of the Film
    and Television Institute of India (FTII) Pune. Akhil has
    made several documentary films for the industry and
    government agencies.

  • Anil Sinha,
    anilsinha[at]nid [dot]edu (Exp: 20 years)

    With over 20 years of experience, Anil Sinha believes
    that design is about ‘connecting with, relating to, and
    understanding users’.
    He has chaired the Integrated Design Services (IDS)
    and Industry Programmes and Projects (IP&P) for
    many years and has been a member of NID’s Governing
    Council. Anil is also a member of the Policy and Planning
    Committee at NID.

  • Arun Gupta,
    PG Diploma in Direction, BA. guptarun[at]nid [dot]edu

    Arun Gupta teaches in the Film and Video
    Communication discipline at NID. He holds a PG
    Diploma in Direction from the Film and Television
    Institute of India (FTII) and a BA in English Literature from the University of Delhi. He joined NID in 1996.
    He takes courses in the Foundation Programme;
    apart from taking courses in disciplines such as Film
    and Video Communication, Animation Design, and
    Graphic Design. He takes courses such as Scriptwriting, Direction, Film Language, and Film Appreciation. He has been the Chairperson of the NID Film Club and has also been the Founding Editor of Cut Here, the moving image print magazine. In 2005, he directed An Other Journey, a documentary film showcasing NID’s activities in the area of Indian crafts and textiles.

  • Deepak John Mathew,
    deepakj[at]nid [dot]edu

    Deepak John Mathew holds a master’s degree in Fine
    Arts (Graphic Arts) from the M.S. University, Vadodara
    and has a PhD in Design Education from the Center
    for Advanced Studies in Education, M.S. University,
    At NID, Deepak teaches Analytical Drawing,
    Composition, Colour and Form, Design Drawing,
    Illustration, Colour and Composition for Digital Medium,
    Basic Photography, Advanced Photography, Fashion
    Photography, Product and Still Life Photography, and
    Documentary Photography. He has been instrumental
    in designing and developing the dual postgraduate
    programme in Photography Design.

  • Dhiman Sengupta,
    dhiman_s[at]nid [dot]edu

    Dhiman Sengupta graduated from NID in 1999; he
    was a student of Animation Film Design. He worked
    in Mumbai and Delhi, for a decade in the areas of
    e-learning, broadcast and motion graphics, and visual
    effects. Since 2009, Dhiman has been a faculty at NID
    in the Animation Film Design discipline.
    He conducts courses in Basic Animation, Film Title
    Sequence Design, Kinetics, Motion Typography, Music
    Appreciation, Sound Design and Visual Scripting, and
    conducts a Comic Book Workshop. He is also a member
    of NID’s Website and IT Integration committees.
    Dhiman was invited to speak on the subject of Animation
    Sound Design at Anifest 2011 that was hosted by the
    Animation Society of India in Mumbai. He is a voracious
    reader, a prolific writer, an artist, and illustrator. Besides
    this, he is also a film enthusiast, a musician (he plays
    the guitar and the piano), a composer, and a singer.
    Currently, Dhiman is working on a short animation film.

  • Immanuel Suresh,
    imsuresh[at]nid [dot]edu

    Immanuel Suresh is a designer and educator. He had
    been part of the Faculty development programme at
    NID before he joined as a faculty member in the Visual
    Communication discipline. He has been actively involved
    in the Foundation Programme and teaches basic design
    courses. Suresh joined the College of Art and Crafts,
    Chennai one of the country’s oldest art institutions,
    where he learned from reputed painters and craftsmen
    teachers in a metal smithy. Self supported by five years
    of part-time work as a scientific glass-blower, he earned
    a postgraduate diploma in Painting with a first class
    gold medal. A short stint in advertising followed his
    At NID, Suresh teaches Colour and Drawing. His other
    interests include nature, form, and illustration. He
    teaches Environment Exposure. He has been in the
    teaching profession for the past 26 years and enjoys it

  • Kaushik Chakraborty,
    kaushikc[at]nid [dot]edu

    Kaushik Chakraborty enrolled into the Faculty
    Development Programme at NID and joined the institute
    in 2010 as a faculty in the Communication Design
    discipline. He has worked in the industry for five years.
    Kaushik holds postgraduate diplomas in Animation
    Creation and Direction from Indo-Italian Institute for
    Development Communication, Kolkata and Multimedia
    Development Technology from MTDRC at Kolkata’s
    Jadavpur University. He taught at NID for three years
    prior to joining the institute as faculty. He is part of the
    faculty group offering inputs in Freehand Drawing and
    Environmental Perception in the Foundation Programme.
    In Animation Design, Kaushik teaches Drawing and
    Basics of Locomotion. He also conducted a workshop on
    Basics of Animation as part of the summer workshops
    held at the institute in 2011.

  • Nijoo Dubey,
    nijoo[at]nid [dot]edu

    Architect and interior designer Nijoo Dubey is a faculty
    in the Design for Retail Experience discipline at NID
    Bengaluru. Since 2007, she has been teaching design
    fundamentals across disciplines and has a passion for
    colour applications in products, spaces, surfaces, and
    finishes— a subject she has taught extensively. She also
    teaches Spatial Perception, Visualisation of Space, and
    Elements of Design.
    Nijoo earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture from
    Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal
    and then went on to pursue her master’s in Furniture and
    Interior Design at NID Ahmedabad. She has also been
    the coordinator of the NID Asian Paints Colour Research
    Studio and Industry Interface at NID Bengaluru.

  • Rupesh Vyas,
    rupeshv[at]nid [dot]edu

    Rupesh Vyas is a Senior Faculty in Communication Design, Head of Information Technology at NID. In recent past he has been also Coordinator of Graphic Design and Information and Digital Design. He is taking lead role in developing Information and Interaction Design as emerging domain under Communication Design and IT Integrated Design Disciplines at NID. He is a Board Member of International Institute of Information Design (IIID) which is based in Vienna, Austria.
    He has Masters degree in Visualization and Under-Graduation in Applied Arts (Graphic Design) from M. S. University of Baroda. He has 17 years of experience in Communication Design education, research and professional projects. Prior to joining NID in 2002 he was a lecturer at Faculty of Fine Arts, M. S. University of Baroda.

  • SB Saxena,
    shivbilas[at]nid [dot]edu

    A documentary filmmaker and cinematographer,
    Shivbilas Saksena has been teaching postgraduate and
    undergraduate students at NID for the last 26 years.
    A senior faculty of Film and Video Communication,
    Shivbilas takes courses in Film language,
    Cinematography, Elements of Video, Elements
    of Lighting, and Production Design. He has been
    instrumental in setting up the Film and Video Laboratory
    at NID and is actively involved in teaching, programmemaking,
    and participating in institutional consultancy
    projects. Shivbilas has taken short-term courses for
    working professionals also. Many of his students have
    won awards at various national and international film
    festivals. His article called Cinema and Design was
    published in The Trellis, a research-based publication
    from NID.

  • Sekhar Mukherjee,
    sekharm[at]nid [dot]edu

    Subsequent to a two-year stint as cartoonist, illustrator,
    and graphic artist at the Economic Times, Sekhar
    Mukherjee joined NID as a student of Animation Design
    in 1992. After graduation, Sekhar worked in various
    fields of Communication Design and joined NID as a
    faculty in the Animation Film Design discipline in 2002.
    Since 2003, Sekhar has been heading the Animation
    Film Design discipline and mentoring the future
    generation of Indian graphic storytellers. He organises
    an international students’ animation film festival called
    Chitrakatha at NID; this has helped promote hitherto
    unknown stories from the Indian subcontinent.
    Sekhar regularly contributes two comic strips for the
    Sunday cartoon column in Ananda Bazaar Patrika, a
    leading newspaper published from Kolkata. In May
    2009, he received the CNBC-Aptech award for his
    outstanding contribution to animation education in
    India. He is also on the editorial board of Animation:
    An Interdisciplinary Journal, published by Sage
    Publications, UK. Sekhar is a regular invitee to many
    animation film festivals and events as the jury member
    and resource person both in India and overseas.

  • Tarun Deep Girdher,
    tarundg[at]nid [dot]edu

    Tarun Deep Girdher has been teaching at NID for more
    than 12 years. He did the five-year School Leavers
    Professional Education Programme (SLPEP) in Graphic
    Design from NID and joined the institute as a faculty in
    1999. He coordinated the Foundation Programme at
    NID from 2003–2005 and Graphic Design discipline
    from 2008–2011.
    Tarun teaches courses such as Typography, Visual
    Narratives, Introduction to Printing Technology,
    Introduction to Specialization, Open Electives (book
    binding), Communication Skills, Letter Design,
    Publication Design, and Introduction to Illustration,
    Environmental Perception, and Hand Book Binding. He
    has been a member of the Admissions Committee. He
    led the design team for the Young Designers series in
    2000 and 2004 that won the best catalogue design
    award at the India Habitat Centre (IHC) in 2005 and
    2008. Tarun has published widely and organised
    international conferences at NID such as Brands,
    Identity and Graphics 03 in 2003 and the Typography
    Day 2011. Tarun has professional experience of over
    16 years.

  • Tiwari Ajay Kumar,
    ajay_t[at]nid [dot]edu

    Ajay Kumar Tiwari earned a postgraduate degree in
    botany, specialising in Plant Pathology from Government
    College of Science, Raipur. He worked as an animation
    artist for three years in the areas of educational content
    development, animated television series production,
    industrial animation and web animation. He has also
    taught undergraduate students at the School of Life
    Sciences at MATS University, Raipur for a year, before he
    enrolled into the Animation Film Design discipline at NID
    in 2004.
    Ajay joined NID as a faculty in 2008. He has been
    teaching various disciplines at the institute which include
    Animation Film Design, Film and Video Communication,
    New Media Design, Graphic Design, Design for Digital
    Experience, Toy and Game Design, and Foundation
    Studies. He has taught courses such as Screenwriting,
    Film Language, Experimental Animation, Sequential
    Narrative (Comic Book/Graphic Novel) Design, Elements
    of Moving Images, Media and Technology and Animation
    Production using Flash. In 2007 and 2009, Ajay headed
    the team that was instrumental in bringing and preselecting
    students’ films from animation schools around
    the world to Chitrakatha, the international students’
    animation film festival held at NID.

  • Tridha Gajjar,
    tridha[at]nid [dot]edu

    Tridha Gajjar has always been inclined towards and
    passionate about academics and design teaching. She
    did her MFA in Applied Arts, with a specialisation in
    Visualization in 1995 and a PhD in Applied Arts on the
    topic—Origin and Development of Printing in Context
    of Advertising in 2001 from Banaras Hindu University
    (BHU), Varanasi. A recipient of both junior (JRF) and
    senior (SRF) research fellowships from the University
    Grants Commission (UGC), Tridha joined NID in 2004 as
    a Faculty Trainee and later, in 2006, as Associate Faculty
    in the Graphic Design discipline.
    She is actively involved in teaching at undergraduate
    as well as postgraduate levels across various
    disciplines. Tridha teaches Fundamentals of Colour
    and Composition, Basic and Advanced Graphic Design
    and Print Production, and guides students through
    their undergraduate and postgraduate projects.


  • Gayatri Menon,
    gayatri[at]nid [dot]edu

    Gayatri Menon studied Product Design at NID, prior to
    which she completed her graduation in engineering.
    She worked for two years in the field of creativity and
    universal design for children. In 2001, Gayatri joined NID
    as a faculty in the Industrial Design discipline.
    Gayatri takes courses in Design Overview, Design
    Methods, Colour and Form, Game Theory, Creativity
    and Innovation, Material and Mechanism, Craft
    Documentation, and Design Research Methods. She
    guides students in the areas of Toy Design, Game design,
    Design for Special Needs, and Systems Thinking and
    Design. Gayatri has headed socially-relevant projects
    in addition to working as a designer cum consultant
    for various industrial and public sector initiatives,
    and on ventures focusing on institution building and
    sustaining crafts heritage. She has conducted several
    workshops for industries in areas such as—Creativity,
    Design Strategy and Opportunity Mapping in Design,
    and Introduction to Design: Issues and Methods. Her
    responsibilities also include looking into curriculum
    development, student evaluations and admissions, and
    interacting with the industry.

  • Kar Gourab,
    gourab[at]nid [dot]edu

    Gourab Kar graduated in architecture from the Birla
    Institute of Technology, Ranchi in 2004. He completed
    the master’s degree in Industrial Design from the
    Instrument Design and Development Centre, IIT Delhi
    in 2006; following this, he pursued a master’s degree
    in Industrial Design with a special focus on Universal
    Design from the School of Industrial Design, Georgia
    Institute of Technology, USA in 2010. The research
    initiatives undertaken by Gourab at the Center for
    Assistive Technology and Environmental Access,
    Georgia Institute of Technology, focus on varied domains
    of Universal Design—Inclusive Indoor Play Project
    (2008–2010), Design of Dental Workspaces (2009),
    and Universal Design of Customer Service Counters

  • L C Ujawane,
    ujawanelc[at]nid [dot]edu

    In 2006, L C Ujawane joined NID after more than 3
    decades of working in the industry. He teaches Interior
    Design, Furniture Design, Furniture Technology, Folding
    Furniture, Workshop Technology, and Materials and

    Ujawane, who did an Advanced Postgraduate Course in
    Furniture Design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine
    Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark, is interested in interior
    and furniture design in wood, wood crafts, and design
    drawing. He has consulted and coordinated interior
    design projects for patent offices at Delhi, Kolkata,
    Mumbai and Chennai and the office of the Union Public
    Service Commission in New Delhi.

  • Mehta Krishnesh,
    krishnesh[at]nid [dot]edu

    Since 1995, Krishnesh Mehta has been teaching
    at NID in the Product Design discipline. He holds a
    master’s degree in Physics from Gujarat University, a
    diploma in Space Sciences and a master’s degree in
    Business Administration from Indira Gandhi National
    Open University. He underwent the two-year Faculty
    Development Programme at NID.
    At NID, Krishnesh teaches Design Management, Retail
    Merchandising, Multisensory Design, Lighting, Design
    Science, Technical Studies, Marketing Communication,
    Strategic Design, Design Research, and Design Mix.
    Krishnesh’s interests include DSTM Convergence,
    Immersive Designs and Futuristic Technologies, Design
    Measurement, Multi-Sensory Experiential Design,
    Neurophysiology of Creativity, Leadership and Systems
    Thinking, 6D Cross Sensory Perceptual and Intuitive User
    Interfaces (PUI & IUI), Design for Senses and Behaviour,
    and Conceptual Design.

  • Neelima Hasija,
    hneelima[at]nid [dot]edu

    At NID, Neelima Hasija teaches various courses related
    to fundamentals of design, with special reference to
    ceramic and glass materials. Having graduated in Fine
    Arts from M.S. University, Vadodara in 1995, Neelima
    enrolled into the Advanced Entry Programme at NID and
    specialised in Ceramic Design. She has 13 years of work
    experience and joined the institute as a teacher in 2002.
    She has been instrumental in shaping and intensifying
    glass-related inputs in the department.
    Her varied interests include traditional crafts and culture,
    craft research and design, design for development,
    and material and culture. She has been a member of
    the Education Panel, Co-chair, Advisory committee,
    NIDUS (the shop on the NID campus that is run by the
    NID employee committee), Admission Panel member,
    and member of Curriculum Review Committee 2003.
    With co-faculty, Shilpa Das, she organised a national
    seminar, Indian Crafts: The Future in a Globalizing World
    at NID in 2005.

  • P Ramakrishna Rao,
    raoprk[at]nid [dot]edu

    P. Rama Krishna Rao has been a faculty at NID since
    2002. He teaches Design Overview, History of Design,
    Materials and Methods, Geometry and Structure,
    and Design Projects. He graduated in the Advanced
    Entry Professional Education Programme (Industrial
    Design) from NID. His areas of interest include Systems
    Thinking, Indigenous Design, Lifestyle Research, Product
    Semantics, Craft, and Folk Art.

  • Pradyumna Vyas,
    pradyumna[at]nid [dot]edu

    Pradyumna Vyas did his master’s in Industrial Design
    from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.
    He has over 27 years of professional and teaching
    experience in different spheres of design. Since the last
    22 years he has been a faculty in the Industrial Design
    discipline at NID and has a special interest in design
    for social and sustainable development intervention
    for SMEs and crafts. He took charge as the director of
    the institute from April 2009. Pradyumna has two years
    experience in Product Design in Bombay and 3 years
    overseas experience at the Kilkenny Design Centre,
    Republic of Ireland.

  • Praveen Nahar,
    pnahar[at]nid [dot]edu

    Praveen Nahar is a Senior Faculty member in Industrial Design at NID. He is currently Activity Chairperson for Knowledge Management Centre at NID. He is teaching and mentoring Product Design and Transportation & Automobile Design Programmes and heading Design Vision Centre & Autodesk-NID Centre of Excellence. In the recent past he also headed Design Consultancy Services, Product Design, Transportation Design Programme, Outreach Programmes etc.

  • Ranjit Konkar,
    ranjit_k[at]nid [dot]edu

    Since 2007, Ranjit Konkar has been teaching Materials
    and Processes, Technical Studies, Technically Complex
    Products, Design Overview and Surface Finishes courses
    at the Faculty of Industrial Design at NID. He has a
    cumulative work experience of 14 years.
    Ranjit, who earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering
    from Stanford University in 1993, has headed the
    Faculty of Industrial Design and Skill Development Lab
    and co-ordinated the setting up of NID’s Partners for the
    Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education
    (PACE) Centre and Design Science Lab. He has also
    chaired the Admissions and the Purchase committees.
    Some of Ranjit’s important projects include the design
    of a welding gas regulator for Elektriska Svetsnings
    Aktie Bolaget (ESAB) and a self-initiated project on
    the design for a bathroom corner tile. He has also
    authored two papers: Incremental Kinematic Analysis of
    Mechanisms in the Journal of Mechanical Design (1995)
    and Geometric Insight into Scalar Combination of Linear
    Equations in Resonance (2009).

  • Rengarajan Balaji,
    balaji_r[at]nid [dot]edu

    Balaji Rengarajan joined NID in June 2011. He
    teaches automotive design/styling, representation, and
    modeling techniques. He focuses on training students
    in sophisticated 2D and 3D skills to make the students
    globally competitive.
    After he graduated as an automobile engineer in 1994,
    Balaji joined Bajaj Auto Ltd., Pune and worked as an
    R&D Engineer till 2002. He earned his master’s degree
    in Automotive Design from Coventry University, UK
    in 2004 and subsequently worked as an industrial
    designer at TATA Motors Design Studio in Pune and later
    with Revolution Motors, a California-based electric
    vehicle company.

  • Sajith Gopinath,
    sajith[at]nid [dot]edu

    Sajith Gopinath is a faculty in the Toy and Game Design
    discipline at NID. He graduated as an engineer from
    the University Department of Chemical Technology
    (UDCT), Mumbai. Thereafter, he enrolled into NID
    for a postgraduate course in Industrial Design and
    specialised in Toy Design. He has been working at the
    institute since 2005 and joined as a faculty in 2006.
    Sajith’s research interests lie in understanding the
    concept of play and design for development. He
    conducts design projects for developing toys as well as
    games and projects related to elements of form and
    material technology. He has worked on developing
    the methodology for conducting design development
    and sensitisation workshops with artisans working on
    bamboo and coconut-shells. He also coordinated the
    students’ workshop at NID Gandhinagar.
    Currently, Sajith is working on a research project that
    focuses on understanding the interrelation of play
    spaces and play culture.

  • Shashank Mehta,
    shashank[at]nid [dot]edu

    Shashank Mehta is a senior faculty of Industrial Design at NID. A qualified mechanical engineer and product designer, Shashank has worked in small and large-scale industries as well as in the craft and social sectors. Over the years, he has taught various courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and has spearheaded the introduction of new course modules such as Indigenous Innovations, Service Design, Design Audit and Introduction to Experience Design to keep up with the rapidly changing demands and aspirations of the industry and economy. He has also been instrumental in developing the curricula for the four-year undergraduate programme in Product Design and the postgraduate programme in Product Design Engineering.

  • Shekhar Bhattacharjee,
    shekhar_b[at]nid [dot]edu

    Shekhar Bhattacharjee is an associate faculty at NID
    in the field of Toy and Game Design. He completed his
    master’s degree in painting from Indira Kala Sangit
    Vishwavidyalay, Khairagarh, Chhattisgarh and was
    actively engaged with traditional crafts communities in
    Bastar, Chhattisgarh. He conducted creativity workshops
    with children in Chhattisgarh and West Bengal before he
    joined NID’s Faculty Development Programme.
    On completion of the programme, he joined as an
    Associate Faculty in the area of Toy and Game Design
    and has been contributing in the areas of Design
    Drawing, Colour and Form, Representation Techniques,
    Nature drawing, Character design, Material- Technique
    and Model Making, Nature and Design, Toy Design
    project and so on. He guides students through specific
    toy design projects.
    Sekhar was awarded the Junior Fellowship for Painting by
    the Government of India in 2003.

  • Subir Das,
    subirdas[at]nid [dot]edu

    Subir Das is a senior faculty member at NID and takes
    a specialised course called Ergonomics and Human
    Factors. He has more than 25 years of work experience
    in the application of ergonomics in industry, agriculture,
    and defence.
    Subir did his MSc. in Human Physiology, with
    specialisation in Ergonomics and Work Physiology in
    1986. He received his PhD in Industrial Ergonomics from
    Calcutta University in 1996 in Arc Welding, Occupational
    Safety and Health. He joined NID in 1998 as Associate
    Senior Faculty and for the last 13 years, he has been
    involved in teaching, research, training and client
    projects mainly in the field of design ergonomics.
    A PhD guide and examiner, Subir has presented his
    work at various national and international conferences
    and has published papers in international and
    national journals.

  • Swagata S Naidu,
    swagata[at]nid [dot]edu

    Swagata completed her graduation in architecture
    from SCET, Surat, South Gujarat University in 2003
    and earned her master’s degree in Ceramic and Glass
    design from NID in 2007. She joined the institute’s
    Outreach department and worked for a year and half.
    There she was involved in the development of curriculum
    for a 2 year diploma programme for artisans, SIDAC,
    a craft institute in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa. She also
    undertook documentation of Terracotta and toys of
    Madhya Pradesh for a need assessment survey. She
    has also conducted training and product development
    workshops. She has been a faculty with the Ceramic and
    Glass Design discipline since 2010. She has four years
    of cumulative work experience.

  • Tanishka Kachru,
    tanishka[at]nid [dot]edu

    Tanishka Kachru holds an MA in History of Design and
    the Decorative Arts from Parsons School of Design,
    New York and a bachelor’s degree in architecture from
    Mumbai University. She was working as a curator for
    several museums in New York and London before she
    moved back to India and joined NID in 2007.
    As a faculty in Visual Communication, Tanishka takes
    courses in History of Design, Spatial Perception, Design
    for Museum Exhibitions, and Design for Public Spaces.
    This year, with support from NID and a British Council
    grant, she organised a collaborative conference with the
    Royal College of Art and Victoria and Albert Museum,
    London called Design History: Ahmedabad-London
    that provided a platform for designers, historians and
    curators to come together. In 2010, she organised
    a seminar called Designing for Museums at NID
    Ahmedabad that gave students exposure to the work
    of museum professionals. That same year, she also
    presented a paper titled, Design Archives at NID:
    Accessing Collections at the 6th Asian Museum Curators
    Conference, Bengaluru.

  • Vikram Panchal,
    vikpan[at]nid [dot]edu

    Vikram Panchal is an industrial designer and specializes
    in Product Design. He joined NID in 1981 and teaches
    skill courses and design projects in Product, Furniture,
    Ceramic and Exhibition Design and guides diploma

    Apart from academics, Vikram has actively taken on
    responsibilities and coordinated several programmes
    and disciplines at NID, including Product Design,
    Innovation Lab, Faculty Training Programme, Foundation
    Programme and Grassroot Innovation and Design
    (GRID). He represented NID at the International Council
    of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) in Japan in
    1989. He has been a member of the Governing Council
    at NID.

  • Vipul Vinzuda,
    vipul_v[at]nid [dot]edu

    Vipul Vinzuda is a transportation designer and educator.
    A mechanical engineer from the National Institute of
    Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, Vipul enrolled into
    NID in 2004, for the Faculty Development Programme in
    Industrial Design. Later, in 2008, he earned a Master’s
    degree in Design and Transport from Coventry University,
    He has been teaching design projects such as Non-
    Motorized Transport and Vehicle Design, Design Overview,
    3D Digital Modeling with Alias studio-tools, Trends
    Research and Materials and Processes since he rejoined
    NID in 2009.


  • Bhavin Kothari,
    bkothari[at]nid [dot]edu

    Bhavin Kothari is a faculty of Strategic Design Management since 2006. He has completed his BTech (Civil Construction), MTech (Planning) and Post Graduation in Patent Laws.

    Bhavin Kothari teaches Intellectual Property and Business, Design Management Introduction, Marketing and Merchandising, and Professional Design Practices. His interests are Design Management, Intellectual Property Rights, Craft Management, Design Project Management, Design Measurement, Transportation Design, Design Entrepreneurship, Change Management, Innovation Management, and Open Innovation.

  • Das Shilpa,
    shilpadas[at]nid [dot]edu

    Since 2004, Shilpa Das has been looking after Science
    and Liberal Arts Studies at NID. She has cumulative work
    experience of 18 years in the education, publishing, and
    voluntary sectors.
    At NID, Shilpa teaches Comparative Aesthetics,
    Semiotics and Communication, Indian Art and Culture,
    Narrative Theory, Identity and Subjectivity, Cultural
    Studies and Craft Documentation. At present, her
    research interest lies in Disability Studies.

  • Mihir Bholey,
    mihirb[at]nid [dot]edu

    Mihir Bholey is an Associate Senior Faculty of
    Interdisciplinary Design Studies at NID. He teaches
    various Science and Liberal Arts’ subjects that cover
    the broad area of Humanities and Social Sciences and
    range from Semiotics to Narratology, Globalisation,
    Global Warming, Urbanisation, Facades of Indian
    Society and Contemporary Concerns.

  • Susanth C S,
    cssusanth[at]nid [dot]edu

    Susanth C.S. is a faculty in the Industrial Design
    discipline. He graduated from NID in 1998 in Industrial
    Design; he specialised in Furniture Design. He started
    his career with NID’s Outreach Programmes and
    Consultancy Services in 1998 and joined as faculty
    member in the Furniture and Interior Design discipline
    in 2002.
    Susanth has worked on many projects in the areas
    of school furniture, coir composite furniture, bamboo
    products, and with various craft clusters in different
    parts of India. One of his core areas of interest is
    bamboo and its applications. He also heads the NID
    Centre for Bamboo Initiatives. He teaches in various
    disciplines, especially Design for Retail Experience and
    Furniture Design. He takes courses such as Design
    Representation, Retail Furniture and Fixture, System
    Design, Packaging, Materials and Process,
    and Model Making.

  • V S Ravishankar,
    ravishankar[at]nid [dot]edu

    Having acquired a degree in engineering in 1986, V.
    Ravishankar enrolled into NID for a PG Diploma in
    Product Design. Twenty years later, he once again joined
    the institute as a faculty member in the Design for Retail
    Experience discipline.
    At NID, Ravishankar offers courses in Design Basics,
    Design Methodology, Digital Product Design, Universal
    Design Module, Retail Store Design, and Visual
    Merchandising. He leads the NID Universal Design (UD)
    Initiative and set up a Universal Design studio, a Joint
    Competence Center in collaboration with University
    of Applied Sciences, Germany with the objective of
    generating content and formulating the curriculum for
    Universal Design in design education and research
    into Universal Design in India.


  • Bhaumik Nagar,
    bhaumik_n[at]nid [dot]edu

    Bhaumik Nagar joined NID in 2007 and has 17 years
    of work experience. He holds a bachelor’s degree
    in electronics and did his master’s in computer
    engineering. He teaches Interaction Design, Embedded
    System Design, Technical Studies-II, Multisensory
    Design, and E-enabled Apparel Marketing and
    Merchandising at NID.

  • Bibhudutta Baral,
    bibhudutta[at]nid [dot]edu

    Dr Baral is a faculty of Information and Digital Design. He has been teaching at NID since 2002. Dr. Baral has received his MA in English, and MA in Philosophy from Utkal University. He also holds a PhD in Cognitive Science from IIT, Delhi.

    Dr Baral teaches Cognitive Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Ergonomics, Research Methodology and Communication Studies. His interests include Indian Analytical Philosophy, Ergonomics, Philosophy, Logic, Mathematics, and Semiotics.

  • Chakradhar Saswade,
    chakradhar[at]nid [dot]edu

    Chakradhar Saswade teaches theory and practice of
    Visual Semiotics and Design Fundamentals at NID.
    He guides students through Diploma, Electives and
    Classroom Projects as a faculty in Communication

    After four years of doctoral research in the fields of art
    and photography as a UGC-JRF scholar at M.S. University
    of Baroda, Chakradhar joined NID in 1999 under the
    Faculty Development Programme in Design Foundation
    Studies. He has co-ordinated various programmes
    at NID, including the Foundation Programme for the
    Graduate Diploma Programme in Design (GDPD) and
    Software and User Interface Development (PGDPD). He
    has contributed in curriculum development activities
    and is a member in several committees. He has actively
    contributed in streamlining academic processes and
    making the system more robust.

  • Jagriti P Galphade,
    jagriti[at]nid [dot]edu

    Jagriti P. Galphade is associated with courses in IT
    Integrated Experiential Design at NID. She teaches in the
    Design for Digital Experience discipline at the institute.
    After completing an MA Fine Arts (Drawing and
    Painting) from Barkatullah Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal,
    Jagriti went on to pursue an Advanced Diploma
    in Computer Arts from Centre for Development of
    Advanced Computing (CDAC), Pune. She joined NID
    under the Faculty Development Programme in 2004.
    Currently, she teaches postgraduate students at NID
    Bengaluru courses such as Basic Elements of Design,
    Visual Communication, Storyboard Design, and Virtual
    Prototyping, among others.

  • Jignesh Khakhar,
    khakharj[at]nid [dot]edu

    Jignesh Khakhar received a bachelor’s degree in
    architecture from the Leicester School of Architecture
    and attained a doctorate in Visualization from the Welsh
    School of Architecture.
    At NID, he teaches across disciplines such as Exhibition
    Design, Product Design, Information and Interface
    Design, and Photography Design. His areas of interest
    include architecture; construction technology and
    environmental design; and information, interface, and
    interaction design.
    Currently, Jignesh is carrying out research on multimodal
    interaction design in the domain of mobile
    phones. He is also working on compiling monographs
    on course documentations that will focus on the various
    courses that are taught under diverse disciplines at NID.

  • Mamata N Rao,
    mamatarao[at]nid [dot]edu

    Mamata N. Rao joined NID in 2005 and teaches at
    NID Bengaluru. She has cumulative work experience of
    over 16 years in educational and private organisations
    in Hong Kong, Sydney, and India in fields such as
    architecture, creativity, multimedia and development of
    web-based interfaces. She holds master’s degrees in
    Design Science (Design Computing) from the University
    of Sydney, Australia and in Urban Design from School of
    Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

  • Saurabh Srivastava,
    saurabh[at]nid [dot]edu

    Saurabh Srivastava is an Associate Faculty in New Media
    Design at NID Gandhinagar. After working for threeand-
    a-half years in the industry, designing advertising
    products, and teaching subjects related to information
    technology and photography at the Asian School of
    Media Studies in Noida, Saurabh joined NID as Trainee
    Faculty under the Faculty Development Programme in
    Saurabh, who holds master’s degrees in Computer
    Applications and Information Technology, teaches
    Graphical User Interface Design Principles, Interactive
    Media, and Still and Video Tools for Research at NID.

  • Soumyajit Ghosal,
    sghosal[at]nid [dot]edu

    Dr. Soumyajit Ghosal is a Principal Designer at NID & currently
    heads NID's International Collaborative R&D, from NID's R&D
    Campus, Bengaluru.
    Subsequent to a 16-year stint at NID Ahmedabad,
    Soumyajit moved to Bengaluru in 2002 as Center Head,
    NID Bengaluru and was instrumental in setting up the
    institute’s R&D Campus which was inaugurated in 2006.
    As the campus’ Research Group Head and then as the
    Acting Dean, he helped initiate specialised postgraduate
    programmes in design and research-driven design
    developments for various sectors of the industry
    and economy, including manufacturing, the rural
    and IT sectors, and e-enabled products and process


  • Amit Sinha,
    amitsinha[at]nid [dot]edu

    Amit Sinha is a faculty of Apparel Design and Merchandising and Lifestyle Accessory Design since 2009. He received his BA (Sociology, Honours) from Benares Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi, and Post-Graduate Diploma in Apparel Design from NID in 2000.

    Amit Sinha teaches Collection Development (Ready to Wear, Designerwear), Conceptualisation, Market and Trend Research for Fashion and Lifestyle, and Research Methodology for Design and Development.

  • Amresh Panigrahi,
    amresh[at]nid [dot]edu

    Amresh Panigrahi has 10 years of work experience and
    has been teaching at NID since June 2010. He has a
    master’s degree in Strategic Design from Politecnico di
    Milano, Italy and a PGDPD in Lifestyle Accessory Design
    from NID. He holds a Diploma in Advanced Computer
    Arts from the National Multimedia Research Centre at
    the Center for Development of Advanced Computing,
    Pune and a bachelor’s degree in architecture from
    College of Engineering and Technology, Biju Patnaik
    University of Technology, Bhubaneswar. At NID, Amresh
    has taught courses in Craft Design and Trend /Design
    Research and has guided students in projects on social

  • Patel Krishna Amin,
    krishna_a[at]nid [dot]edu

    Krishna Amin-Patel spent about four decades as a
    design educator at NID. She has also taught at various
    design institutes across the USA. She has been a visiting
    faculty at NID from 1977–1980. From 1981–1997, she
    was a full time faculty at NID. During this time, Krishna
    taught basic and advanced courses in both Textile
    Design and Apparel Design, and actively contributed to
    curriculum development of both disciplines in capacity
    of coordinator and faculty. During her tenure at NID,
    she initiated collaboration with the International Wool
    Secretariat, the outcome of which was a course in
    Knitwear Design. She also introduced courses in the
    area of children’s wear and men’s wear. Krishna was an
    important part of the Jawaja project that NID undertook
    in the 1970s.

  • Romanie Jaitly,
    romanie[at]nid [dot]edu

    Romanie Jaitley completed her diploma in Printmaking
    and Painting from the Visva Bharati University,
    Santiniketan in 1977, and went on to pursue a diploma
    in Industrial Design at NID. In 1981, she graduated in
    Textile Design and worked widely in the areas of crafts,
    textiles, and education.
    At NID, Romanie has conducted and developed
    advanced level courses for the Textile Design
    programme. She has guided students for various
    courses and diploma projects. Over the years, she has
    taken a keen interest in conducting and coordinating
    many workshops for the Outreach Programme at NID.
    Romanie has taught extensively at other reputed design
    institutes such as Pearl Academy, Indian Institute of
    Crafts and Design, and National Institute of Fashion

  • Sanjay Guria,
    sanjay[at]nid [dot]edu

    Sanjay Guria graduated from NID in 2006, with a specialisation in Integrated Textile and Apparel Design. After working in the industry for five years, he joined as a faculty in the institute’s Apparel Design discipline in 2010.

    At NID, Sanjay takes courses such as Patternmaking, Menswear, Design Projects, Design Drawing, Introduction to Textiles, Craft Documentation, Environmental Perception, and Design Concepts and Concerns. He has been actively involved in departmental and interdepartmental juries and mentoring students for their diploma projects.

    Sanjay’s areas of interest include design fundamentals, uniform design, traditional crafts and cultures, trend research, fashion, and textiles.

  • Shimul Mehta Vyas,
    shimul[at]nid [dot]edu

    Shimul Mehta Vyas has been involved in design
    education, research, and practice for the past 19
    years. After graduating in Commerce and Law, Shimul
    specialised in Accessory Design from the Fashion
    Institute of Technology, State University of New York,
    Subsequent to a brief work experience in USA and
    India, Shimul joined the National Institute of Design
    in July 1995 as a faculty of Accessory Design under
    the aegis of the Apparel Design discipline. Since the
    past 16 years, she has been actively contributing to
    the cause of design education and institution building.
    With an expertise in designing accessories, Shimul set
    up the Lifestyle Accessory Design (LAD) discipline at
    NID in 2002.

  • Sonal Chauhan,
    sonal[at]nid [dot]edu

    Sonal Chauhan graduated from the National institute
    of Fashion Technology in 2000. She has over 10 years
    of extensive work experience in the industry as well as
    in the area of crafts. She has been an educator at NID’s
    Apparel Design and Merchandising Department since
    Sonal takes courses such as Draping, Advance Draping,
    Fabric Construction, and Garment Manufacturing
    Technology. She enjoys working with Indian textiles and
    crafts and also believes in and practices sustainable
    She is currently working on a self-initiated project,
    RENEW, reusing and repurposing plastic waste by
    upcycling it and turning it into lifestyle products.

  • Srivastava Aarti,
    aartisrivastava[at]nid [dot]edu

    Since 2010, Aarti Srivastava has been a faculty member
    in the Textile Design discipline at NID. At the institute,
    she takes courses in weaving—primarily basic and
    advanced woven constructions.
    Aarti, who graduated in painting and literature from
    Vikram University, Ujjain and attained a diploma in
    Textile Design from NID, worked in the textile industry for
    ten years before she joined as faculty.
    Aarti has worked with various export houses as Head
    Designer, designing home furnishings for the export
    market using various textile materials and techniques.
    She is also a part of an outreach project for Indira
    Gandhi National Centre for the Arts that focuses on
    the documentation of textile traditions of north-east
    India. Currently, she is leading a team of researchers
    who are involved in comprehensive field work and
    documentation of the textile traditions of Assam.

  • Swasti Singh Ghai,
    swasti[at]nid [dot]edu

    Swasti Singh Ghai has been teaching at NID since June
    2006. In the Design Foundation programme she has
    been involved in teaching Elements of Colour and the
    field-based course called Environmental Perception and
    coordinating Basic Materials. In Textile Design, she takes
    courses such as Traditional Indian Textiles and Craft
    Documentation for undergraduate and postgraduate
    students and guides diploma projects. She has also
    offered Surface Decoration course in Ceramic and Glass
    Design and has guided diploma projects as well.

  • V Sakthivel,
    sakthivel[at]nid [dot]edu

    Since 2006, V. Sakthivel has been teaching Fibre and
    Yarn, Dyeing, Basic weaving and Introduction to Textiles
    courses at NID.
    Prior to joining the Faculty Development Programme
    at NID, Sakthivel finished his diploma in Handloom
    Technology (1994–97) and thereafter a bachelor’s
    degree in Business Administration. His research interests
    include design for handloom sector, indigenous
    Indian cotton, and natural indigo dyeing traditions.
    Some of Sakthivel’s significant projects include Design
    Development for Khadi for KVIC, Mumbai (2001); Design
    Development for Coir and Natural Fibres for Coir Board,
    Kochi (2002–03); Design Development for Handloom
    Weavers in Andhra Pradesh, Department of Handlooms
    and Textiles, Government of Andhra Pradesh (2003–05);
    and Documentation of Textile Traditions of the North East
    – Meghalaya, 2011.

  • Vijai Singh Katiyar,
    vijaisk[at]nid [dot]edu

    Vijai Singh Katiyar graduated as a textile designer from
    NID, before which he trained as a textile technologist at
    the Government Central Textile Institute (GCTI), Kanpur.
    He is a Visiting Research Fellow to University of New
    South Wales, Sydney. Vijai is also a member of NID’s
    Policy and Planning Committee and a member of the
    Governing Council of Kumarappa National Handmade
    Paper Institute, Jaipur. He has lectured widely in India
    and abroad. At NID, Vijai teaches Craft Documentation,
    Fabric Design, Trends and Colour, Design for Jacquard,
    Design for Interior Spaces, and Design Methods.
    His research interests lie in design innovation, systems
    and strategies, Indian crafts and traditions. Vijai, in
    his long career, has also undertaken substantial work
    in many aspects of design and design education.

  • Yengaldas N Vivekananda,
    ynvivek[at]nid [dot]edu

    Yengaldas N. Vivekananda is a professional designer
    and teaches in the Communication Design discipline.
    He joined NID in 2007 and has over two decades of
    experience in teaching Visual Communication and Ply-
    Split Braiding (non-loom textiles).
    Presently, he is associated with the postgraduate
    Foundation Programme at NID Gandhinagar and
    teaches students Photography, Drawing, Basic Material,
    Material Exploration and Techniques of Braiding at the
    institute’s Gandhinagar and Paldi campuses. He has
    also served as the coordinator of the undergraduate
    Foundation Programme.

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