Tirutsava 2019

Event Start Date Feb 01, 2019
Event End Date Feb 03, 2019
Event Venue Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT) Tirupati
Location IIT Tirupati, Settipalli, Andhra Pradesh, Tirupati,
Andhra Pradesh, India
Organized By: Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT) Tirupati, IIT Tirupati, Settipalli, Andhra Pradesh
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About Tirutsava 2019

Tirutsava is a conflation between technology and culture. The name is derived from a fusion of the words, “Tiru”, from Tirupati, the city which houses our esteemed institute and “Utsava” which literally translates to “festival”. Tirutsava aims to celebrate tradition and technology, not as two incompatible, self-reliant fields, but as complementary concepts furthering societal development. With this intent, we bring forth the “Tirutsava” in Tirupati.

Contact Details

Pratik Agrawalla -Fest Head
Phone: 9439154393
Email: tirutsava@iittp.ac.in

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