Two Days National Seminar on Research Trends on Smart Waste Management System for Batteries 2019 – Kongu Engineering College

Events Dates 11-12th January 2019
Kongu Engineering College
Erode, Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu


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About Two Days National Seminar on Research Trends on Smart Waste Management System for Batteries 2019

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Worldwide many techniques been adopted for the battery waste management which includes the procedural steps for battery scrapping. These steps include the sorting, breaking, pyrolysis, distillation, oxidation, refining etc., In addition to it, many research institutes and universities are equipped with battery recycling facility which recycles the entire battery with no point of segregation of usable and non usable materials. Hence this process makes even the reusable part of the battery to recycle without any notable results. Some dispose the battery in general waste steam or incineration which is termed as illegal in waste management process.
The Batteries Management and Handling Rules enacted in the year 2001 with the primary objective of ensuring safe disposal of discarded lead acid batteries involving all stake holders. As battery is the integral part of residential (UPS, vehicle), industrial and commercial, the batteries which crossed the life span (typically 5 years) been replaced by the new ones and the old batteries are neither discarded nor scrapped. The old batteries (even if it has some life time) will be either stored or thrown or sealed as condemned which creates a big threat for the environment. Absence of recycling facility also makes the system much complex in battery disposal.
All the industries which deal with the battery will require the proposed multifunctional intelligent based device for safe disposal of battery by minimizing the scrap with creation of new materials/equipments from the scrap. Instead of scrapping the entire battery once the life time is over, segregating the usable and non usable parts is the novelty. Monitoring the SoH, artificial intelligent based, development of products from the usable items, IoT based real time monitoring are the new concepts not dealt before. Energy engineering professionals, researchers in the field, and Post graduate students will find this seminar a useful starting point to understand the technologies and surrounding aspects involved in Smart Waste Management System for Batteries.
Introduction to Smart Waste Management System
Waste Management Initiatives in India
Today’s & Future Waste Battery Management
IoT Based Smart Waste Management System for Smart City, Smart bin Sensors
Main Equipments & Functionalities of the Smart Waste Management System
Materials and Methods of Smart Waste Management System for Batteries
State of Charge Monitoring, Commercial & Medical Battery Recycling
Artificial Intelligent based control algorithm for Batteries
Research to Application Methodology of Smart Waste Management System for Batteries
Retired Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries: Integrated Waste Management and Research Needs
Application of Smart Waste Management System for Batteries
Electric Vehicles (EV)
Plugin Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV)
Hybrid Vehicles (HEV)
Solar / Wind Energy Storage Systems
Battery Backup Systems
Racing Vehicles

Faculty members working from Engineering, Arts and Polytechnic Colleges, Research scholars, PG Students, Industry Persons from relevant background of Sciences and Engineering.
Sessions will be handled by experienced faculty members from reputed institutions and Experts from Industry Fields.

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