QQUEST 2021, Anna University, Technical Fest, Chennai

QQUEST 2021, Anna University, Technical Fest, Chennai

Event Start Date Feb 26, 2021
Event End Date Feb 28, 2021
Event Venue Anna University
Location Anna University, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu, India
Organized By: Anna University, Anna University
Sponsored By:


The Annual Conference Q Quest is a unique confluence of various realms of companies. This serves as a great opportunity to learn about the latest industry practices and provides them with an opportunity to network with the companies. Q Quest aims to encourage and keep up the passion for quality. The objective of this confluence is to imbibe the wisdom of the experienced and the knowledge of the learned so that the flair for quality lives on. To achieve excellence through quality is to embrace the future of quality. It is paramount that quality professionals help their organizations make the vital connection between quality excellence and their ability to thrive in disruption. AU TVS Centre for Quality Management’s Q Quest’21 Annual conference will act as the catalyst for professionals, helping them understand how quality will enable transformation and growth.

1.Reporter-Reporter is the case study event. Explains the significance of the study and what can be learnt from it. Note that a case study is a study of a particular situation so you can’t generalise the results to all other situations. That means your discussion should focus on what can be learnt about that particular situation and the individuals involved
2.Poster presentation-Success of a person is determined by the efficiency in communicating his/her ideas.
This event is a way to communicate your understanding of a topic in a short and concise format. It enhances your abilities to deliver visual presentations alongside sharpening your
knowledge. You don’t often get a chance to present the good work you do.
3.Battle of brains-The Battle of Brains is an event to test our ingenuity. This event facilitates the participants to hone their problem solving, aptitude and logical reasoning skills. This event
makes the participants to think out of the box which indeed is a key skill to be learnt
4.Connections-A connection game is a type of abstract strategy game in which players attempt to complete a specific type of connection with their pieces. This could involve forming a
path between two or more goals or completing a closed loop.
5.Quality guru-A Guru is one who excels in every aspect. Quality Guru is one step ahead and excels in quality, reasoning, communications skills and braveness. Here is an amazing chance to discover the inherent Guru within you. Come on, take up the challenge and become the Quality Guru.
6.Q-Adzap-Q-Adzap is set to bring out the creativity, time management, marketing skills of the innovative minds and to test upon convincing capabilities and selling of some of the really
wacky or non-existing product
7.Verselet-Verselet is a competition that focuses on appreciating the writing skills of the participants. The participants must write either a poem or a content based on the topics that
will be informed in prior to the competition. The best and the impressive piece of writing will be declared as the winner
8.Mouse Pad-This event is an opportunity to showcase your design skills. This event consists of only one round. Participants will be given a theme and the text contents to design a poster.
Participants are allowed to use software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or In design. Top three designs will be awarded with prizes. Judges’ decision is final.

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Kavin: 91-9994647312
Aravindan: 91 88259 46696

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Event Registration: http://bit.ly/qquest21_Events