Onyx 4.0 – Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology

Event Start Date Feb 08, 2019
Event End Date Feb 10, 2019
Event Venue Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology
Location Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Greater Noida,
Uttar Pradesh, India
Organized By: Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
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About Onyx 4.0

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Lingo Freaks- The Literary Society of Galgotias is back with Annual Literary Fiesta ONYX 2k19. With the theme History and Mythology, we are all set to ensure a plethora of vibrant Literary, Debating and Theme based events. We promise to incite the competitive fire within you by infusing the out of the box creativity within the events with a touch of fun.
This year’s ONYX aims at testing your various skills by offering you different types of event. The participants will face the wrath of History and Mythology and will undergo a delightful experience which will be glued in their memories forever. The perfect platform to unveil your potential and artistry is here so wait no more and be prepared.
So buckle up and mark the calendars from 8th-10th Feb for the 4th Edition of ONYX. See you there.

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Read Reflect Resonate

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History and Mythology

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Events List in Onyx 4.0, Greater Noida:

Nostalgia Shop –
Do you want to be present at different instances of India’s glorious past!? You can now have your own story of what would have happened with you or what you would have done if you were there. Would you like to be a hero who’s always there to save the day or will you quietly just be there to witness it!!? You can be whatever you want to be- a king, artist or a commoner.

Participants will be give 10 events from India’s past and the contestants will have to choose any one and write a story imagining they were a part of it. The contestants can assume any role that they want to.

The participants will be given an hour to write there stories. There will be only one round. There is no word limit.

Note:- Along with cash prizes and goodies, also stand a chance of getting featured by The Social House

Kavi Sammelan – Poetry is the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. It’s a quality of beauty and intensity of emotion. It is nearer to vital truth than history. It is truth in it’s Sunday clothes.

KAVI SAMMELAN, the star event of Onyx is back with a bang. This year we are collaborating with The Social House to make this event more grand. Even if you haven’t tried your hands at writing yet, let us be at your command. Those who scribble during train journeys ,or who skip the mundanity of life through journaling in lunch breaks ,tumblr poets, facebook poets & not-so-romantic poets YOU ARE ALL INVITED TO our event “Kavi Sammelan” at our Literary Fest. So write and recite your deepest feelings and rebuild your fractured confidence.

Note:- This event will be Bilingual. Along with cash prizes and goodies, also stand a chance of getting featured by The Social House.

Mindspark – “Debate is where you refine your arguments and frame your thoughts”
Like every year, Onyx brings this year as well the most crucial event of the Fest- Mindspark. “Spark Up Your Ideas, Speak Your Heart Out.”

It’s a platform which gives people the opportunity to present their opinion and ameliorate their debating skills!!

Debate topic: Are Indian traditions compatible with modernization?

Description: There are two rounds in this event:

ROUND 1: In this round each participant has to speak for about 2-3 minutes and express his/her views by either speaking for or against the topic. After delivering the speeches , the participants would be questioned by the judges or the audience on the basis of their speaking content.

ROUND 2: Final Round
This round will be an open house, where the participants will be asked questions by the audience.

Aimed at improving the wit and confidence level of students this activity is a wholesome package for finding solutions to most common problems prevailing in society. Discussions and questions are the first step towards solving a problem, and we are here, offering you a platform to come up take your first step towards what can be a greater change.

Paatron ki Mahasabha – A fine amalgamation of simulation of literary characters amidst the modern timeline.

The event is about the perspective and justification of actions of various characters according to their character sketch and significant events marked in their timeline in the modern scenario which would be debated and would conclude with the final testimony in the court.

Description: There are two rounds in the event:

Round 1: Elimination Round
This round will be a Group Discussion where participants attempt to address an issue in the modern scenario in context of their visions and perceptions!! The discussion will be moderated by the “Event Co-Ordinator”. The participants who are selected will proceed for the final round.

Round 2: Finale
The finale of the event would be set in a backdrop of a “Courtroom” where the participants would be designated a character or a famous personality and would have to defend themselves and justify their actions and perspective in light of their plot and against the allegations levied by the host and the public. The prosecution of the participant would be conducted by the “Event Co-Ordinator” itself.

Rules of the Event:
Round 1:
1. The Group Discussion would be for around 1 hour.
2. The topic of the discussion would be taken up from modern scenario and its related issues.
Round 2:
1. The prosecution of each participant would be given a time limit of around 10 mins.
2. The contestant has to put forward his arguments keeping in mind the sketch of the character assigned to him.

Lit Con – Quick sketches, hilarious guesses !
Dessinez, devinez, fates monter, adrenaline!

You can guess what we have come up with – PICTIONARY with TTT( tantalizing tiny tales ) AND story writing. A combination of fun and talent.

PICTIONARY- The game is pretty simple. Players take turn silently drawing different thing while their team tries to guess what the drawing is. Team compete against each other to have the most guessed words and win the game.

TTT- In TTT, the writer has to compose a tiny tale on a certain topic with limited words(25 to 50 words). The writer will be judged on the quality of their content and ornamentation of their words.

Story:- And the last will be a story writing round.
All three can give the ideas but only one has to execute it and write it on paper

Prashnamanch – A shout out to all the knowledge enthusiasts out there! Here we present a very exciting and knowledge grasping quizzing oppurtunity- “प्रश्नमंच” with theme- “भारतीय इतिहास व पुराण”.
This event provides you an oppurtunity to enhance and examine your knowledge about this broad field. It will be full of interesting twists and turns and who knows you might be the master of them all.

Rules –
1. The quiz will consist of 4 rounds.
2. Two participants per team. Lone wolves are also allowed.
3. Decision of judges will be final.
4. The theme of the quiz is ‘Indian History and Mythology’.

So don’t wait. Start brushing up your history skills and the grab the cash prizes and goodies. See you there.

Chakravyuh – रामायण को आज तक सभी ने पाठों में पढ़ा है, नाटकों में देखा है। किन्तु इस बार हमारा प्रयास कुछ ऐसा करने का है जिसमें हम रामायण को सिर्फ देखेंगे और पढ़ेंगे नहीं बल्कि जिएँगे। महसूस करेंगे वनवास की कठिनाइयों को, प्रेम में वियोग को, वीरता के रस को, अनुज के कष्ट को और बुराई पर अच्छाई के विजयी भाव को।

It’s the time to live and hunt the essence of Ramayana through an uncommon treasure hunt framed on the incidents and characters of the Ramayana.

Chakravyuh is a game of five rounds. In each round, the teams will get a clue which will lead to the location of the next clue and so on..
Only the first few teams will get the next clue and the rest of the teams will get eliminated.

Note:- Each participating team can have maximum three people. You can play individually, have another companion or three people depending on your wish and understanding. Also, winners will get cash prizes and goodies.

So Buckle up yourself for the hunt of literature in the tense of today.

Fete N’ Fiesta – A fest is incomplete without fun and frolic!
Get into your boots and put on your wisdom hats and get ready with us for the rollercoaster ride that is our event

So what are you waiting for? Aint Prizes and fun an iconic duo? Come join us to an amusing event full of exciting activities, compete yourself in games like scavenger hunt, rock n roll, riddles and team games. We promise you the best of time.

MUN – AIPPM , War of Ideologies and Indian Press

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Vashisht – 8368289520
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