MAGIC BY LOGIC 2021, Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Online Technical Event, Mumbai

MAGIC BY LOGIC 2021, Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Online Technical Event, Mumbai

Event Start Date Feb 27, 2021
Event End Date Feb 28, 2021
Event Venue Sardar Patel College of Engineering
Location Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Mumbai,
Maharashtra, India
Organized By: Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Sardar Patel College of Engineering
Sponsored By:


Spectra 2K21 presents Magic by Logic, here you students has chance to apply your engineering knowledge and concepts to simulate best efficient circuit. It gives you an opportunity to
show your skills. This event definitely improve your competitive skills in problem solving when you compete with peoples having same background in field of work. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for beginners. Just take your time and do.
1. The participants must perform individually in the event.
2. As due the pandemic, the event is going to be held at the online platform. The participant has to give his/her valid name and details
during the registration.
3. Spectra deserves the right to reject the entries of the participants who will be holding the fake name and false information (contact
details, Email-ID etc.) at the time of registration.
▪ Certificates of participation/appreciation will be awarded to the participants. And the certificate of excellence will be given to the top
three participants.
▪ Disqualified participants will not be considered for any certificates.
1. In these event, for each round we will give you circuit problem to solve the analytically ( i.e. written solution) and also you have to
record the video of simulation for the same.
2. You have choice to use whichever software, you comfortable with. We suggest CircuitVerse.
3. The calculations done by you must be submitted to us in the pdf format and also the recorded video must be submitted to us before
time given. Time allocation as follow:
20 minutes – Solve the Problem. ( For 1st round only)
15 minutes – Upload the WoWork ( For 1st round only)
4. After 1st round, for each subsequent round time given to Solve the Problem will be reduced. ( which will be declared time prior to
respective round.)
5. After scanning the written work and recording the simulation, everyone has to upload this on Google Classroom which is created by
6. The video of simulation and written solution’s PDF must be clearly visible otherwise judges has authority to reject your submission
if either video of simulation or written solution is not clear to evaluate.
7. The topics based on which the questions will be given are some basic circuits, elementary digital electronics ( Logic gates, Mux-
Demux, K-map equations, logical circuit, flip-flops, etc.) and basic topic of circuit design.
▪ Google meet is the platform where online meeting will held during the event.
▪ Every participant must ensure that they have a stable internet connection. If any issues then contact the organizers in the meet itself.
▪ You have to submit all your submissions in the google classroom. So, download the google classroom and join the class details are
mentioned below. Late submissions will be rejected.
▪ Also download the google classroom and join the class.
Class code : wshomw5
Class invitation link :
Participants must join the classroom Two days before the event date to get the further details.
☞ Evaluation Criteria
1. Everyone has to obtain great than or equal to 50% of total mark given to allocated problem.
2. Those who have less than 50% of total mark given to problem in any round will be rejected.
3. From final round top 3 candidates will considered based on score that obtained in same round.
4. For 1st position, winner is from those top 3 candidates which has highest performance score during all rounds of event.
For 2nd position, winner is 2nd most overall performance score from those 3. And for 3rd position, winner is 3rd
candidate from ranking based on performance score among those 3.
5. In any case if there is situation of performance score of candidates is same, then there will another round will be taken.
6. Scores given by the judges will be considered as final.
7. Performance Score is the sum of all the scores obtained by participant in each subsequent round from 1st round.
DATE :28th February 2021 From 12 Noon Onwards
Nikhil Dhage : 8169537738
Avadhut Deshmane : 8669298530
VENUE : Online meeting will be held at GOOGLE MEET.
Registration fee for an individual : Rs- 50/- only
Registration Form :
st prize winner : Rs 1000/-
nd prize winner : Rs 750/-
rd prize winner : Rs 500/


How to Reach

Venue -:Online meeting will be held at GOOGLE MEET.

Contact Details

Nikhil Dhage : 8169537738
Avadhut Deshmane : 8669298530

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