IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Control Systems ICICCS 2021, Vaigai College of Engineering, International Conference, Madurai

Event Start Date May 06, 2021
Event End Date May 08, 2021
Event Venue Vaigai College of Engineering
Location Vaigai College of Engineering, Madurai,
Tamil Nadu, India
Organized By: Vaigai College of Engineering, Vaigai College of Engineering
Sponsored By:


The advent of ever-augmenting and ubiquitous computational and control resources enhanced the opportunities for developing various intelligent computational and control techniques to solve number of real time issues like uncertainties, vagueness and imprecision techniques. This International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Control Systems (ICICCS 2021) organized on May 06-08, 2021 by Vaigai College Engineering (VCE), Madurai, India rapidly covers the research topics with myriad of applications for developing innovative next-generation technologies. ICICCS 2021 provides an interdisciplinary platform to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns along with practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in almost all the fields of Intelligent Computing and Control Systems.

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Madurai – Melur Road, Therkutheru, Melur, Madurai-625122, Tamil Nadu.

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Prof. P. Sugumaran
Vice Principal,
Vaigai College of Engineering,
Madurai, India. / +91-9597324073

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