Higher Education Conclave 2019 – Kumarguru College of Technology

Event Start Date Feb 13, 2019
Event End Date Feb 14, 2019
Event Venue Kumarguru College of Technology
Location Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore,
Tamil Nadu, India
Organized By: Kumarguru College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
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About Higher Education Conclave 2019

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As science, technology and the society have evolved to where we are today, there is a serious concern about how this evolution is impacting higher education in India and elsewhere. India faces serious challenges to meet the higher education needs of its growing young population. At the same time, the Indian industry faces its own challenges in recruiting a highly talented workforce and meeting the needs of international competition. The changes in the global demographics, and in the social, economic and political arena present yet another set of challenges for the Indian higher education. However, these challenges also bring with them unique opportunities and enable the institutions to transform themselves and to become global players by preparing a well educated workforce. The transformation process will involve assessment of future direction of technologies, reconsideration of the approaches to teaching and learning, strengthening research capacity, increasing collaboration with industry and international institutions, and developing new programs to meet the evolving needs. This conclave will focus on addressing the key issues facing higher education and helping institutions prepare for the changing needs.
As the first in a series of International Leadership Conclaves on the Future of Higher Education, it will be a two day event that will bring together leaders in education, industry, government and the international institutions to deliberate on the following:
Technologies on the horizon and their impact on the future of higher education
Opportunities for higher educational institutions and the means to thrive in the global context
The challenges facing Arts, Science, Engineering, and other professional education programs
Lessons from national and global institutions on how to thrive in a changing environment
Preparing institutions to face the current challenges and to grow in the future

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The Future of Higher Education

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Faculty Development Programs
Day 1 : Certificate by State University of Newyork, USA
‘Data Analysis : Innovation in Interdisciplinary Teaching’

Day 2 :
Certificate by AICTE – KCT
‘Developing curricula and employment ready graduates’

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Higher Education Conclave
Email : hec@kct.ac.in
0422 2661410, +91 8248867356, +91 9489060842

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