GIAN course on Density Functional Theory for Heterogeneous Catalysis 2018

GIAN course on Density Functional Theory for Heterogeneous Catalysis 2018

Events Dates 06 August 2018 – 11 August 2018

IIT Guwahati


Guwahati,  Assam

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IIT Guwahati

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IIT Guwahati

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Catalysis in general, and heterogeneous catalysis in particular, is critical to most industrial processes, including the manufacturing of ?ne, specialty, petro and agro chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, and polymers. Catalysis is also central to the generation of clean energy and to the protection of the environment. At present, catalysts are used in over 80% of all chemical industrial processes, contribute directly or indirectly to ~35% of the world’s GDP. Foundation of catalysis depends on chemical kinetics which is a science studying the reaction rates of chemical reactions, taking into account their reaction mechanism. Improved kinetic models could be developed when atomic processes on surfaces and the identification and characterization of surface species become available. In the present GIAN course, the status in the development of an understanding of surface chemistry will be discussed from a theoretical and computational perspective.

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