Experts Webinar on Ethical Hacking and Network Security 2020, Alpine Technologies, Webinar, Kanpur

Event Start Date May 23, 2020
Event End Date May 24, 2020
Event Venue Alpine Technologies
Location Alpine Technologies, Kanpur,
Uttar Pradesh, India
Organized By: Alpine Technologies, Alpine Technologies
Sponsored By:


Organizations across the globe are going through a never experienced transformation, which is drastically changing the polarity of skills and hence, the learning requirement.
Academic institutions in India are currently under locked down phase and thus the students are finding difficult to cope up with changed learning priorities.
Alpine Technologies in Association with the Industry partners in launching a new initiative exclusive for the students “Ethical Hacking Webinar 2020” which will help the students to build the Skills online.

Google Hacking
email hacking
Foot Printing
SQl injection

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AMAN GUPTA :- 91405807490, 9554374004
MANIK KHUSHU :- 9082406022

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