ARTHNITI 2021, Lovely Professional University, Online Management Fest, Jalandhar

Event Start Date Apr 16, 2021
Event End Date Apr 25, 2021
Event Venue Lovely Professional University
Location Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar,
Punjab, India
Organized By: Lovely Professional University, Lovely Professional University
Sponsored By:


Presenting to you अर्थनीति, an online management fest. The first in its kind event in Lovely Professional University, brought to you by student organization YUVAA.
Get ready to Envision yourself to be the greatest of all, where you Rise to beat the rest, and finally Conquer what’s yours.
9 events, 10 days, 1 aim to stand out from the crowd.
From your marketing skills to your strategic planning and to your leadership skills, this is the only place where you get to challenge yourself and rise to power. Compete, chase, win prizes.

1. E-biz
2. Karyaneeti
3. Carpe Diem
4. Reality Check
5. Ad-Mad
6. Brand Race
7. Like You
8. Corporate Roadies
9. Anubhav

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Lovish Gupta – 9855253784
Chief Marketing Officer

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