12th National Marketing Conclave 2021, KIIT School of Management, Marketing Conclave, Bhubaneswar

Event Start Date Aug 08, 2021
Event End Date Aug 21, 2021
Event Venue KIIT School of Management
Location KIIT School of Management, Bhubaneswar,
Odisha, India
Organized By: KIIT School of Management, KIIT School of Management
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QUIZ : 8/08/2021
SIMULATION : 8/08/2021
WEBINAR : 21/08/2021

Theme 1: In an e-commerce world, driven by consumer reviews, how much influence do marketers have?
Theme 2: Creating successful digital-only brands: What is the secret sauce?
Theme 3: Mass vs Individualized Marketing: What does a marketer need to learn?
Theme 4: Influencer Marketing: The trickle and ripple effect
Theme 5: Challenges faced by budding entrepreneurs in this new data-driven era
Theme 6: Consumer Vulnerability in the digital era
Theme 7: Data Mining and Market Research: How much is too much?
Theme 8: Promoting inclusivity and diversity in society – Promoting new brand stories for Gen Z
Theme 9: Balancing between instinctive and data-driven approach
Theme 10: Ethical and Moral dilemma in the ways of acquiring data
Theme 11: Digital Marketing in the post-pandemic Era
Theme 12: Aligning offerings with changing consumer behaviour during digital transformation
Theme 13: Telling impactful stories with data
Theme 14: Automation in marketing – are we losing the human touch?
Consumers Embrace Experiential Marketing

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Event Registration: http://ksom.ac.in/marketingcontest