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Ageing BMJ 2015, Shobhit University, October 28-29 2015, Gangoh, Uttar Pradesh

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Ageing BMJ 2015, Shobhit University, October 28-29 2015, Gangoh, Uttar Pradesh

Ageing BMJ 2015, Shobhit University, October 28-29 2015, Gangoh, Uttar Pradesh

Events Dates :

October 28 2015-October 29 2015

Organized By:

Shobhit University, Gangoh, Saharanpur

Sponsored By:

Shobhit University, Gangoh, Saharanpur


Registration Fees:

Participation : INR2000/$100
Participation And Paper/poster Presentation : INR 2500/$150
Spot Registrations (Participation Only) : INR 2500/$100
Participation : INR 1200/$50
Participation And Paper/poster Presentation : INR 1800/$75
Spot Registrations (Participation Only) : INR 1500/$75

About Events

Ageing-BMJ-2015, the 2nd International Conference on Ageing - Bones Muscles and Joints Classical to Advanced Approach” and the first such conference hosted by the Shobhit University, Gangoh (the vibrant city of Saharanpur) to keep the scientific world in the running track along with the contemporary world outside the fences of the individual demesne. The objectives of the event is to highlights the Age related changes, their effects and common problems in Bones, Muscles and Joints in the context of both healthy and disease states. Also the latest advances made in our understanding of the strategies for treatment and prevention of ageing and related problems occurs in mineral metabolism and biomechanics of mammalian (including human) body. Changes in posture and gait (walking pattern) are common with aging as changes in the skin and hair. The skeleton provides support and structure to the body. Joints are the areas where bones come together. They allow the skeleton to
be flexible for movement. In a joint, bones do not directly contact each other. Instead, they are cushioned by cartilage in the joint, synovial membranes around the joint, and fluid. Muscles provide the force and strength to move the body. Coordination is directed by the brain but is affected by changes in the muscles and joints. Changes in the muscles, joints, and bones affect the posture and gait, and lead to weakness and slowed
movement. The conference will offer a high quality and diverse scientific programme of interest to both clinical and pre-clinical scientists, academicians and Research students. This is a “Must Attend” event of the year with a packed two day meeting with expert industry speakers, Top Notch Scientists, High quality content, Interactive Networking opportunities and Open Discussion Sessions that will bring fresh opportunities for enlightening, informative and stimulating your knowledge. In order to make an all-round communication
with experts and strengthen the cooperation between each other, the Organizing Committee of Ageing-BMJ-2015 cordially expects your participation to accelerate and promote the Ageing based advancements and technologies in clinical and pre-clinical modelity. We look forward to see you in the event.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission : Ocober 28 2015
Full paper Submission December 28 2015


Shobhit University, Gangoh, Saharanpur, UP, India

Contact Details

Mr. Gaurav Kumar
Mob.: +91-9411642356/8171757220
Email: [email protected]
Mr. Saurabh Kr. Bajpai
Mob.: +91-8192803561
Email: [email protected]

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