NEET Question Papers
NEET Question Papers

NEET Question Papers are listed here.

Candidates can attempt National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) Question Papers in 13 different languages which are English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

NEET Question Papers

NEET question papers are divided into four sections i.e Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology. Each section is further divided into two sections i.e Sections A & B.

The advantage of solving and revising the previous year’s NEET Question papers pdf is that one can get a better understanding of the types of questions along with the weightage that can be asked in NEET.

NEET 2023 Question Papers

Click here for NEET 2023 Question Papers

NEET 2022 Question Papers

Click here for NEET 2022 Question Papers

NEET 2021 Question Papers

Click here for NEET 2021 Question Papers

NEET 2020 Question Papers

Click here for NEET 2020 Question Papers

NEET 2019 Question Papers

Language & Paper CodeNEET Question Paper NEET Answer Key
English/Hindi – P1Download NowDownload Now
English/Assamese – R5Download NowDownload Now
English/Bengali – P4Download NowDownload Now
English/Gujarati – P6Download NowDownload Now
English/Kannada – Q5Download NowDownload Now
English/Marathi – P6Download NowDownload Now
English/Odia – P6Download NowDownload Now
English/Tamil – P6Download NowDownload Now
English/Urdu – R6Download NowDownload Now
English/Telugu – Q5Download NowDownload Now
NEET 2019 Question Papers

NEET 2018 Question Papers


NEET 2018 English Question Paper Download Link
English AADownload 
English BBDownload
English CCDownload
English DDDownload
English EEDownload
English FFDownload
English GGDownload
English HHDownload
English KKDownload
English LLDownload
English MMDownload
English NNDownload
English PPDownload
English QQDownload
English RRDownload
English SSDownload
English WWDownload
English XXDownload
English YYDownload
English ZZDownload
NEET 2018 English Question Papers


NEET 2018 Hindi Question PaperDownload Link
Hindi AADownload
Hindi BBDownload
Hindi CCDownload
Hindi DDDownload
Hindi EEDownload
Hindi FFDownload
Hindi GGDownload
Hindi HHDownload
Hindi KKDownload
Hindi LLDownload
Hindi MMDownload
Hindi NNDownload
Hindi PPDownload
Hindi QQDownload
Hindi RRDownload
Hindi SSDownload
Hindi WWDownload
Hindi XXDownload
Hindi YYDownload
Hindi ZZDownload
NEET 2018 Hindi Question Papers

Other Languages

NEET 2018 Other Languages Question PaperDownload Link
Assamese EEDownload
Assamese FFDownload
Assamese GGDownload
Assamese HHDownload
Bengali WWDownload
Bengali XXDownload
Bengali YYDownload
Bengali ZZDownload
Gujarati KKDownload
Gujarati LLDownload
Gujarati MMDownload
Gujarati NNDownload
Kannad WWDownload
Kannad XXDownload
Kannad YYDownload
Kannad ZZDownload
Marathi AA Download
Marathi BBDownload
Marathi CCDownload
Marathi DDDownload
Oriya PPDownload
Oriya QQDownload
Oriya RRDownload
Oriya SSDownload
Tamil KKDownload
Tamil LLDownload
Tamil MMDownload
Tamil NNDownload
Telugu AADownload
Telugu BBDownload
Telugu CCDownload
Telugu DDDownload
Urdu EEDownload
Urdu FFDownload
Urdu GGDownload
Urdu HHDownload
NEET 2018 Other Languages Question Papers

NEET 2017 Question Papers

NEET 2017 Question Paper Download LinkSolutions
ADownload Download
NEET 2017 Question Papers

NEET 2016 Question Papers

NEET 2016 Question Paper Download LinkSolutions
A/ P/ WDownload Download 
B/ Q/ XDownload
C/ R/ YDownloadDownload 
D/ S/ ZDownload
NEET 2016 Question Papers

NEET 2015 Question Papers

NEET 2015 Question Paper Download Link
NEET 2015 Question Papers

NEET 2014 Question Papers

NEET 2014 Question Paper Download LinkSolutions
PDownload Download 
NEET 2014 Question Papers

NEET 2013 Question Papers

NEET 2013 Question Paper Download LinkSolutions
WDownload Download 
NEET 2013 Question Papers

NEET 2012 Question Papers

NEET 2012 Question Paper Download LinkSolutions
DDownload Download 
NEET 2012 Question Papers


The NEET (UG) is being conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) since 2019 with the approval of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Ministry of Human Resource Development. NEET (UG) has to be conducted as a common and uniform National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) for admission to undergraduate medical education in all medical institutions, including those governed under any other law in force.

The NEET (UG) is going to be conducted by NTA as per the Schedule given in the Information at a Glance for admission to MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BSMS, BUMS, and BHMS Courses as per the relevant norms/guidelines/regulations notified by the concerned Regulatory Bodies.

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NEET Question Papers – An Overview

EventQuestion Papers of NEET
Similar Exams and Their ResultsMedical Entrance Exams
Full Form of NEETNational Eligibility Entrance Test
Official Body That Announces ResultsNTA
NTA Full FormNational Testing Agency
Scale of Exam and ResultNational Level
Courses Where Admission Is Through This ResultMBBS, BDS, BAMS, BSMS, BUMS, BHMS
Colleges Where Admission Is Through This Resultall medical colleges in India
States or Regions Where Colleges Are SituatedIndia
Official Website for Score and
NEET Question Papers – An Overview

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