FTII Exam Preparation Books
FTII Exam Preparation Books

FTII is a national-level entrance exam that offers admission in television and film with core specialization through JET (Joint Entrance Test). Admission is going to be offered by FTII (Film and television institute of India) and SRFTI (Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata).

FTII Exam Preparation Books

The FTII Exam is a crucial step in the journey of aspiring filmmakers and actors. It tests a candidate’s aptitude and knowledge in various aspects of film and television, such as screenwriting, direction, acting, and more. To prepare well for the exam, it is crucial to have comprehensive study material that covers all the important topics. This is where FTII Exam Preparation Books come in. These books are written by experts in the field and provide in-depth knowledge and practical insights into the various aspects of the film and television industry.

These FTII books are compiled by our experts after analyzing and researching FTII books that are available in the market for FTII preparations.

  • Speaking of Films
  • Wide Angle: History of Indian Cinema
  • Indian Cinema: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)
  • History of Indian Cinema
  • Directors’ Diaries: The Road to Their First Film
  • Being FTII: Perspectives on the Film and Television Institute of India (Celebrating Sixty Years)
  • Ftii Pune

These books provide a comprehensive understanding of the exam and its requirements, and also offer practical tips and insights that will help you prepare effectively. They are also a great way to stay motivated and inspired throughout your preparation journey.

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