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CUCET M.Sc. Sports Science Syllabus


    1. Sports Science

CUCET M.Sc. Sports Science Syllabus

Central Universities Common Entrance Test commonly known as CUCET is conducted for admission to Integrated / Under-graduate, Post-graduate and Research Programmes in Centres Universities. Ten Central Universities (Bihar, Gujarat, Jammu, Jharkhand, Kashmir, Kerala, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu) have joined hands and institutionalised "Central Universities Common Entrance Test" (CUCET). Thus, one single application and entrance test (CUCET) provides opportunities for admission in Ten Central Universities located nationwide.

This is part of PG Syllabus for CUCET

Test Paper Code: PGQP30

Sports Science

• History of games and Physical Education in India.
• Scope, Aim and objectives of Sports Education.
• Philosophical and Biological basis of Sports Education.
• Body Types.
• Location and actions of muscles at various joints.
• Definition, Meaning, Types and benefit of exercise.
• Physiology of respiratory system and types of respiration, mechanism of inhibition and exhibition, effects of exercise on respiratory system, lungs and exercise.
• Physiology of Digestive system
• Cardio-vascular system.
• Posture and postural deformities.
• General principles of growth and Development
• Sports as cultural heritage of mankind.
• Olympic Movement and its impact
• Protective equipment used in games.
• Dimension & marking of the play field/area.
• Fundamentals of various games.
• Offensive & defensive strategy employed in various games.
• Fundamentals of various events- High Jump-approach run, take off, flight, landing off different techniques and Relay races.
• Conduct of tournament & types of fixtures used in the games mentioned above.
• Sports competitions, cooperation and team cohesion.
• Women and Sports.
• Sports and politics
• Group dynamics
• Meaning of anatomy, cell, structure, properties of living matter.
• Anatomy of muscular system, structure of muscles and their kinds.
• Anatomy of digestive organs
• Meaning, Importance and history of Kinesiology.
• Personality and sports performance
• Emotion, aggression, anxiety, stress and stress management
• Motivation in sports
• Importance of Strength,
• Yoga- Asthang yog: Yam, Niyam Asana, Pranayam, Patyahara, Dharana, Dhyan, Samadhi
• Types of Yoga
• Asanas, Its Type, and Effects on Various Systems of the body
• First Aid


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