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CUCET M A Fine Arts Syllabus

Central Universities Common Entrance Test commonly known as CUCET is conducted for admission to Integrated / Under-graduate, Post-graduate and Research Programmes in Centres Universities. Ten Central Universities (Bihar, Gujarat, Jammu, Jharkhand, Kashmir, Kerala, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu) have joined hands and institutionalised "Central Universities Common Entrance Test" (CUCET). Thus, one single application and entrance test (CUCET) provides opportunities for admission in Ten Central Universities located nationwide.

This is part of PG Syllabus for CUCET

CUCET M A Fine Arts Syllabus

Test Paper Code: PGQP15

1. Terminology :

Arabesque, Archaeology, Archaic, Attribute Balance, Calligraphy, Chiaroscuro, Chronology, Classical, Collage, Communication, Composition, Cone, Connoisseur, Contour, Contraposto, Cube, Cylinder, Dimension, Epigraph, Fa├žade, Folio, Foreshortening, Format, Harmony, Hieroglyph, Icon, Iconography, Imagination, Inscription, Intuition, Landscape, Mass, Manuscript, Miniature, Modelling, Monochromatic, Monument, Mosaic, Motif, Mythology, Numismatics, Pigment, Polychromatic, Portrait, Primitive, Rhythm, Scaffolding, Space, Sphere, Style, Symmetry

2. Definitions :

Abstraction, Aesthetics, Art, Beauty, Composition, Content, Craft, Culture, Form, Idealism, Image, Mudra, Mural, Naturalism, Perspective, Realism, Relief, Shadanga (Sanskrit), Symbol, Tradition.

3. Difference Between The Following Pairs:

Art : Craft; Pastels : Poster colours; Water colour: Acrylic colour; Archaeology : Architecture; Wall-Painting : Fresco; Chaitya : Vihar; Painting : Sketch; Fine Art : Performing Art

4. Major Religious Systems Of India And Their Arts :

Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity

5. Major Civilizations Of The World

: Indus Valley civilization, Mesopotamian Civilization, Chinese Civilization, Egyptian Civilization, Greek and Roman Civilization

6. Basic Informartion About Major Schools Of Indian Painting:

Mughal, Pahari, Rajasthani etc.


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