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  • Authors: Amol Dhakadey, Ranjeet Kuberkar
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Language: English
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Publisher: Tata McGraw Hill Publishing

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Table of Contents
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1. The Christmas Present
2. A young Man in a Hurry
3. The Buller-Podington Compact
4. The Coward
5. The Tell-Tale Heart
6. Wife
7. Victor
8. The Moribund
9. The Diamond Necklace
10. Doctor Heidegger's Experiment
11. A Queer Night in Paris
12. The Watkinson Evening
13. The Gift of the Magi
14. First Love
15. A Pilgrim
16. The Wreck
17. Feathertop
18. The Great Stone Face
19. Friends
20. In each Other's Shoes
21. Our Runaway Kite
22. Beyond the Bayou
23. The Owl's Ear
24. An Unconventional Confidence
25. The Bat and Belfry Inn
26. The Outrage-A True Story
27. The Man with the Good Face
28. The Four-Fifteen Express
29. Elder Brown's Backslide
30. A Terribly Strange Bed
31. The Philosopher in the Apple Orchard
32. The Silver Mine
33. The Pipe
34. The Manuscript
35. Caption Veneno's Proposal of Marriage
36. Colonel Starbottle for the Plantiff
37. The Golden Ingot
38. The Country of the Blind
39. The Duplicity of the Hargraves
40. How the Widow Won the Deacon
42. A Problem in Communication
43. Why Thomas was Discharged
44. Father and Son
45. The Haunted Orchard
46. The Angel of the Odd



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