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Uttar Pradesh Polytechnic Joint Entrance Examination (English) by Dr Lal

  • ISBN: 9788174825421
  • Authors: Dr Lal
Uttar Pradesh Polytechnic Joint Entrance Examination (English) by Dr Lal
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Uttar Pradesh Polytechnic Joint Entrance Examination (English)

Author: Dr Lal
Language: English
Length (Pages):
Publisher: Upkar Prakashan

Publication Year 2009
Exam:Other Engineering Exams
ISBN: 9788174825421

Table of Contents
Previous Years? Solved Papers
Part-I : Physics
A. Measurement
B. Pure Kinematics
C. Mechanics
D. Work, Energy And Power
E. Hydrostatics
F. Vibrations, Waves And Sound
G. Heat
H. Light
I. Electrostatics
J. Current Electricity
K. Electromagnetism
Part-II : Chemistry
A. Physical Chemistry
B. Inorganic Chemistry
C. Organic Chemistry
Part-III : Mathematics
A. Arithmetic
B. Statistics
C. Algebra
D. Trigonometry
E. Geometry
F. Mensuration
G. Coordinate Geometry
Table of Contents
Previous Year's Solved Papers

Part - I

A. Measurement

1. Fundamental Quantities and Units
2. Measurement of Small-lengths Vernier Calliper

B. Pure Kinematics

1. Elements of Vectors
2. Acceleration

C. Mechanics

1. Laws of Motion
2. Moment of a Force

D. Work, Energy and Power
E. Hydrostatics
F. Vibrations, Waves and Sound

1. Vibrations
2. Wave Motion and Sound

G. Heat

1. Kinetic Theory of Matter
2. Thermal Expansion
3. Thermal Energy
4. Thermal Radiation

H. Light

1. Introduction to Light
2. Reflection of Light
3. Refraction of Light through Plane Surface
4. Refraction of Light through Thin Lenses
5. Optical Instruments

I. Electrostatics

J. Current Electricity

1. Simple Circuits
2. Applications of Electric Current: Electric Appliances

K. Electromagnetism

1. Magnetic Field
2. Force on a Moving Charge in a Magnetic Field
3. Electromagnetic Induction
Important Points

Physical Chemistry

1. Science and Scientific Method
2. State of MatterSolid, Liquid and Gaseous
3. Atoms and Molecules Laws of Chemical Combination
4. Atomic Structure and Radioactivity
5. Valency or Chemical Bonding
6. Symbols, Formulae and Chemical Equations
7. Gaseous laws
8. Atomic Weight, Molecular Weightand Equivalent Weight
9. Electrolysis, Acid, Base and Salt
10. Various Chemical Reactions andCatalysis
11. Solutions
Some Networthy Points

Inorganic Chemistry

1. Periodic Classification of Elements
2. Water
3. Hydrogen, Sulphurated Hydrogen, Hydrogen Chloride and Chlorine
4. Nitrogen, Ammonia, Oxygen and Sulphurdioxide
5. Metals and Non-metals
Some Networthy Points

Organic Chemistry

1. An Introduction to Organic Chemistry
2. Classification of Organic Compounds
3. Saturated and Unsaturated Hydrocarbons
4. Plastics, Artificial Fibres, Medicines Explosives and Detergents
5. Chemical Calculations
Some Networthy Points



A. Arithmetic

1. Compound Interest
2. Questions Based on Work and Speed
3. Bank Deposits and Payment in Instalments

B. Statistics

1. Elementary Statistics
2. Frequency Graph
3. Measures of Central Tendency
4. Mean Deviation and Standard Deviation

C. Algebra

1. Simple Formulae and their Use
2. Number System
3. Laws of Indices and their Application
4. Logarithms and their Use
5. Factors
6. L.C.M. and H.C.F
7. Quadratic Polynomials and Quadratic Equations
8. Simultaneous Equations
9. Set Theory
10. Mapping

D. Trigonometry

1. Circular Measure, Radian and Trigonometrical Ratios
2. Trigonometrical Ratios of Sum & Difference of Two Angles
3. Ratios of Multiple and Sub-multiple Angle
4. Transformation of Sums into Products and Vice-versa
5. Height and Distance

E. Geometry

1. Locus, Pythogoras Theorem and its Application
2. Circles, Tangents to the Circles and Cyclic Quadrilaterals
3. Theorems on Angles in Alternate Segment and Proportion

F. Mensuration

1. Cube, Cuboid and Right Prism
2. Right Pyramid and Right Circular Cylinder
3. Right Circular Cone, Sphere and Frustum of Cone
G. Coordinate Geometry
1. Distance of Two Points, Section Formula and Area of the Triangle
2. Straight Line
3. Angle between Two Straight Lines, their Point of Intersection and Length of Perpendicular


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