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Rudiments of Mathematics (Vol-2) (English) by M N Mukherjee, Others

  • ISBN: 9789380599083
  • Authors: M N Mukherjee, Others
Rudiments of Mathematics (Vol-2) (English) by M N Mukherjee, Others
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Rudiments of Mathematics (Vol-2) (English)

Author: M N Mukherjee, Others
Language: English
Length (Pages):
Publisher: Academic Publishers

Publication Year 2010
Exam:Scholarships & Olympiads
ISBN: 9789380599083

Table Of Contents
One : The Theory of probability
Two Mathematical Induction
Three : Binomial theorem for positive integral index
Four : Infinite series
Five : Elementary theory of matrices
Six : Determinants
Miscellaneous Exercises
Co-Ordinate Geometry
One : Parabola
Two : Ellipse
Three Hyperbola
Miscellaneous Exercises
Differential Calculus (Second Part)
One : Differentiation
Two : Second order Differentiation
Miscellaneous Exercises
Integral Calculus
One : Indefinite integral
Two : Methods of Substitution
Three : Integration by parts
Four : Integration : Special trigonometric function
Five : Definite integral
Six : Properties of definite integral
Miscellaneous Exercises
Differential equation
One : Formation of ordinary differential equation
Two : First order first degree differential equation
Three : Linear second order homogeneous differential
Miscellaneous Exercises
Application of calculus
One : Physical interpretation of derivative
Two : Tangent and normal
Three : Maxima and minima
Four : Area Under a curve
Five : Some elementary applications of calculus to dynamics
Miscellaneous Exercises


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