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Reaction Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry (English) by Mukul C Ray

  • ISBN: 9789384248383
  • Authors: Mukul C Ray
Reaction Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry (English) by Mukul C Ray
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Reaction Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry (English)

Author: Mukul C Ray
Language: English
Length (Pages): 452 Pages
Publisher: MTG Learning Media (P) Ltd.

Publication Year 2014
ISBN: 9789384248383

Table of Contents
Nucleophiles, Bases and Leaving Groups
Reaction Intermediates
Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions
Elimination Reactions
Free Radical Reactions
Electrophilic and Nucleophilic Addition
Substitution on Aromatic Rings
Mechanism of Reactions of Acid Derivatives
Acetoacetic Ester Synthesis
Acyloin Condensation
Alder - Ene Reaction
Aldol Condensation
Allylic Rearrangement
Amadori Rearrangement
Arbusov Reaction
Arndt - Eistert Reaction
Azo Coupling Reaction
Baeyer - Villiger Oxidation
Baldwins Rules
Beckmann Rearrangement
Benzidine Rearrangement
Benzilic Acid Rearrangement
Benzoin Condensation
Birch Reduction
Bouveault - Blanc Reduction
Some Additional Reactions
Cannizzaro Reaction
Chichibabin Reaction
Chugaev Elimination
Claisen Condensation
Claisen Rearrangement
Claisen - Schmidt Reaction
Clemmensen Reduction
Cope Elimination
Corey - House Synthesis
Curtius Rearrangement
Some Additional Reactions
Dakin Reaction
Darzens Condensation
Demjanov Rearrangement
Dieckmanns Cyclisation
Diels - Alder Reaction
Dienone - Phenol Rearrangement
Some Additional Reactions
Elbs Persulphate Oxidation
Electrocyclic Reaction
Some Additional Reactions
Favorskii Rearrangement
Fischer - Indole Synthesis
Friedel - Crafts Reaction
Fries Rearrangement
Some Additional Reactions
Gabriel - Phthalimide Synthesis
Gattermann Reactions
Grignard Reaction
Some Additional Reactions
Haloform Reaction
Hell - Volhard Zelinsky Reaction
Hofmann Elimination
Hofmann Rearrangement
Houben - Hoesch Reaction
Hunsdiecker Reaction
Some Additional Reactions
Isomerisation of Alkynes
Knoevenagel Condensation
Kolbe - Schmitt Reaction
Some Additional Reactions
Lederer - Manasse Reaction
Leuckart Reaction
Lobry de Bruyn-van Ekenstein Rearrangement
Lossen Rearrangement
Some Additional Reactions
Magids Rule
Malonic Ester Synthesis
Mannich Reaction
Markownikovs Rule
Meerwein - Ponndorf - Verley Reduction
Michael Addition
Some Additional Reactions
Nef Reaction
Oppenauer Oxidation
Some Additional Reactions
Pall - Knorr Synthesis
Pechmann Reaction
Pericyclic Reactions
Perkin Reaction
Pinacol Rearrangement
Quelet Reaction
Reformatsky Reaction
Reimer - Tiemann Reaction
Ritter Reaction
Robinson Annelation
Some Additional Reactions
Sandmeyer Reaction
Saytzeff Rule
Schmidt Reaction
Simmons - Smith Reaction
Skraup Synthesis
Sommelet Reaction
Stobbe Condensation
Stork Enamine Reaction
Strecker Synthesis
Some Additional Reactions
Tischenko Reaction
Some Additional Reactions
Ullmann Reaction
Vilsmeier - Haack Reaction
Some Additional Reactions
Wagner - Meerwein Rearrangement
Williamsons Ether Synthesis
Wittig Reaction
Wolff - Kishner Reduction
Wolff Rearrangement
Wurtz Reaction
Some Additional Reactions
Zeisel Determination
Common Reagents and Catalysts


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