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The Pearson CSAT Manual 2012 by Edgar Thorpe

  • ISBN: 9788131767344
  • Authors: Edgar Thorpe
The Pearson CSAT Manual 2012 by Edgar Thorpe
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The Pearson CSAT Manual 2012

Author: Edgar Thorpe
Length (Pages): 2232 Pages
Publisher: Pearson

Publication Year
ISBN: 9788131767344

Table of Contents
Aptitude Building For The 'CSAT'
1 Building Blocks for Success
2 Creative Time Management
Analysis of CSAT 2011
1 Analysis of the CSAT 2011 (Paper I)
2 Analysis of the CSAT 2011 (Paper II)
Paper I?General Studies
Ecology and Biodiversity 1 Ecology and Environment 2 Climate Change and Related Issues 3 Biodiversity 4 India?s Natural Vegetation and Bio-diversity 5 Other Current Environmental Issues 6 Agrobiodiversity 7 India?s Environmental Efforts 8 Data Tables 9 Short Notes 10 Question Bank General Science 1 Biology 2 Chemistry 3 Physics 4 Earth and Space Sciences 5 Computers and Information Technology History and Culture 1 Ancient History 2 Medieval History 3 Modern History 4 Indian National Movement Geography 1 General Geography 2 World Geography 3 Indian Geography Indian Polity 1 Indian Constitution 2 Indian Government and Administration Economic and Social Development Industry and Other Important Sectors 4 Demographics 5 Sustainable Development 6 Short Notes on Poverty and Unemployment 7 Other Social Sector Initiatives and Inclusions 8 Other Social Protection Programmes


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