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Mathematical Physics (English) 1st Edition by Partha Goswami

  • ISBN: 9788131517864
  • Authors: Partha Goswami
Mathematical Physics (English) 1st  Edition by Partha Goswami
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Mathematical Physics (English) 1st Edition

Author: Partha Goswami
Language: English
Length (Pages): 570 Pages
Publisher: Cengage Learning India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Publication Year 2012
Edition:1st Edition
Exam:JEE Main & Advanced
ISBN: 9788131517864

Table of Contents
Vector Algebra and Analysis
2. Greens, Stokes, and Gauss Theorems: Orthogonal Curvilinear Coordinates
3. Linear Differential Equations of First Order and Second Order with Constant Coefficients
4. Theory of Measurement and Errors
5. Complex Analysis
6. Differential Equations with Nonconstant Coefficients
7. Special Functions
8. Partial Differential Equation
9. Fourier Series
10. Fourier Transform
11. Laplace Transform
12. Calculus of Variation
13. Vector Spaces and Matrices
14. Cartesian and General Tensors


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