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Indian Economy for the Civil Services Examination (English) 1st Edition by S Maitra

  • ISBN: 9789383454266
Indian Economy for the Civil Services Examination (English) 1st  Edition by S Maitra
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Indian Economy for the Civil Services Examination (English) 1st Edition

Author: S Maitra
Language: English
Length (Pages): 848 Pages
Publisher: Access Publishing India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2014
Edition:1st Edition
Exam: Upsc
ISBN: 9789383454266

Table of Contents
1. Economic Growth and Development Including Investment Models
Economic Growth
Human Development
Calculation of Human Development Index since 2010
Gross National Happiness
Models of PPP
Two Important Types of Foreign Investment
Foreign Venture Capital Investments
Other Foreign Investments

2. Economic Planning - Mobilization of Resources, Growth and Development
Economic Planning
Planning Commission
A Review of Five - Year Plans

3. Development Processes and the Development Industry
Social Capital Institutions
Government Policy - Strengthening the Voluntary Sector
History of NGO Activity in India
Key Governance Challenges
Self Help Groups and Development
Evolution of the SHG Movement in India
Impact on Rural Life
Self - Help Groups
Links to Formal Rural Finance
2nd ARC Recommendations

4. Agricultural Development in India
Importance of Agriculture in Indian Economy
Low Productivity of Indian Agriculture - Causes and Measures
Human Development
Investment in Agriculture
Green Revolution
Land Reforms
Agricultural Price Policy
Price Supports Scheme (PSS)
Agricultural Marketing
Commodity Spot Exchange
E - Choupal
Government Monitoring and Regulation
India in Global Agricultural Trade
Agricultural Insurance

5. Public Distribution System - Objectives, Functioning, Limitations, Revamping, Issues of Buffer Stocks and Food Security
Public Distribution System

6. Food Processing and Related Industries in India
Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006

7. Economics of Animal - Rearing and Technology Missions
Production and Productivity
The National Livestock Policy, 2013

8. Industrial Development in India
Industry in India
FDI Inflows
Delhi - Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)
Chennai Bangalore Industrial Corridor (CBIC) Project

9. Development of Infrastructure in India
Different Types of Hard Infrastructure
Different Types of Soft Infrastructure
Importance of Infrastructure in Economic Development
Development of Infrastructure

10. Development of Service Sector in India
Major Services - Sector - wise Performance
Some Transport - Related Services
Major Policy Issues

11. Poverty and Inequality in India
Aggregate Measures of Poverty
Poverty Gap Index
Poverty Estimates
Gini Coefficient

12. Unemployment in India
Types of Unemployment
Unemployment (An Update from Economic Survey, 2013 - 14)

13. Health, Education and Human Development in India
Demographic Health Indicators
National Health Policy, 2002
National Rural Health Mission
Outcome Indicators for Twelfth Plan Education
Secondary Education
Adult Education
Higher Education
Technical Education
Human Development in India (Update from Economic Survey 2013 - 14)
Inter - State Comparisons
Trends in Indias Social Sector Expenditure (Update from Economic Survey 2013 - 14)
Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA)
Regulatory Framework
Forthcoming Changes in Regulatory Framework of Higher Education
Foreign Providers in Indian Higher Education
Key Social - Sector Programmes (Update from Economic Survey 2013 - 14)
Education and Skill Development Programmes (Update from Economic Survey 2013 - 14)
Health Programmes (Update from Economic Survey 2013 - 14)

14. Inclusive Growth, Welfare Schemes for Vulnerable Sections
Educational Status of Scheduled Castes - Gains and Gaps
Educational Status of Scheduled Tribes - Gains and Gaps
National Scheduled Caste Finance and Development Corporation
Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship Scheme (RGNF)

15. Sustainable Development
National Environmental Policy (NEP), 2006
National Environmental Policy (NEP), 2006
Government of Indias Twenty Point Programme
Millennium Development Goals and Indias Progress (An Update from Economic Survey, 2013 - 14)

16. Problems of Inflation and Business Cycle
Two Types of Inflation
Social Costs of Inflation

17. Indian Money Market
Money Market

18. Reserve Bank of India and Monetary Policy
Reserve Bank of India
Monetary Policy of RBI
Changes in Monetary and Fiscal Policy in India During Reform Period

19. Commercial Banking in India
Non - Performing Asset (NPA)

20. Capital Market in India
Capital Market

21. Public Finance Including Government Budgeting
Classification of Public Expenditure
Public Revenue
Taxes and Subsidies
Budget Concepts
Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme (RGESS)

22. Centre - State Financial Relation and Finance Commission

23. India and International Institutions and Trading Blocks
International Monetary Fund (IMF)

24. Economic Survey 2013 - 14
The State of the Economy
Issues and Priorities
Public Finance
Prices and Monetary Management
Inflation Expectations
Cash Management
Financial Intermediation
Insurance and Pensions
Indian Financial Code (IFC) Balance of Payments
Overview of Indias BoP
International Trade
Trade Policy
Agriculture and Food Management
Drivers of Growth
Food Management
Industrial Performance
Labour Relations
Services Sector - International Comparison
Major Services - Sector - Wise Performance
Energy, Infrastructure and Communications
Non - Conventional Energy
Civil Aviation
Urban Infrastructure
Financing Infrastructure
Sustainable Development and Climate Change
Human Development
Trends in Indias Social - Sector Expenditure Poverty
Employment and Unemployment
Socio - Economic Profile of States and Inter - State Comparisons
Outlook and Challenges

25. Railway Budget 2014 - 15
Highlights of the Railway Budget 2014 - 15

26. Union Budget 2014 - 15
Key Features of Budget 2014 - 15
Economic Initiatives
Financial Sector
Banking and Insurance Sector
Defense and Internal Security
Culture and Tourism
Budget Estimates
Tax Proposals
Direct Taxes Proposals
Indirect Taxes Proposals

27. Census 2011
Some Important Demographic Concepts
Administrative Units in India
India in World Population
Sex Ratio

28. Glossary
International Economics
Demography and Census
Banking and Insurance
Price and Inflation
Development Economics
Stock Market Concepts


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