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General Studies for Civil Services Preliminary Examination Paper - 1 (2014) (English) 1st Edition by N D Arora, D R Khullar, K K Sharma, S Maitra, S B Husain, A R Khan, Deepashree, Vimal Rarh, Majid Husain, Ashok Kumar Singh, Dushyant K Sharma

  • ISBN: 9788192679600
  • Authors: A R Khan, Ashok Kumar Singh, D R Khullar, Deepashree, Dushyant K Sharma, K K Sharma, Majid Husain, N D Arora, S B Husain, S Maitra, Vimal Rarh
General Studies for Civil Services Preliminary Examination Paper - 1 (2014) (English) 1st  Edition by N D Arora, D R Khullar, K K Sharma, S Maitra, S B Husain, A R Khan, Deepashree, Vimal Rarh, Majid Husain, Ashok Kumar Singh, Dushyant K Sharma
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General Studies for Civil Services Preliminary Examination Paper - 1 (2014) (English) 1st Edition

Author: N D Arora, D R Khullar, K K Sharma, S Maitra, S B Husain, A R Khan, Deepashree, Vimal Rarh, Majid Husain, Ashok Kumar Singh, Dushyant K Sharma
Language: English
Length (Pages): 1380 Pages
Publisher: Access Publishing

Publication Year 2013 October
Edition:1st Edition
ISBN: 9788192679600

Table of Contents
History of India
1. Ancient India
Indus Valley Civilisation
The Advent of Aryans
Vedic Literature
The Sixteen Mahajanapadas
The Rise of Magadha to Dominance
Religion and Philosophy in Ancient India
Development of Science and Technology in Ancient India
Development of Crafts in Ancient India
Rock Cut Caves

2. Medieval India
Some Characteristics of the Medieval Period
Historical Sources of Information Regarding the Medieval Period
Kingdoms and Dynasties of the Medieval Period
Culture in the Medieval Period
Key Terminology
Religion in the Medieval Period
Science and Technology in Mughal Period
Overseas Trade in the Medieval Period
Banking and Finance in Medieval India

3. Modern India
Summary of Historical Europe-India Links
European Activity in India between 15th and 18th Centuries

Indian National Movement
I. Background of the Movement
II. Birth and Growth of Indian Nationalism
III. Pre-congress Organisations
IV. Reforms and Revolts
V. Birth of the Indian National Congress
VI. Indian National Congress: The Moderates (1885-1905)
VII. Indian National Congress
VIII. Reunion and Alliance: Moderates -Extremists, Lucknow Pact
IX. The World War - I and Revolutionary Activities Abroad
X. Home Rule Movement
XI. Indian National Movement: The Gandhian Era
XI. Civil Disobedience Movement
XII. The Dandi March
XIII. The Government of India Act - 1935, The Congress Ministries and The Beginning of the World War - II
XIV. Nationalist Politics (Inside India)
XV. National Movement: 1940-1947

Indian and World Geography

Part - I
World Geography
1. Introduction to Geography
2. Earths Position in the Solar System
3. The Atmosphere
4. Hydrosphere
5. Lithosphere
6. Social And Economic Geography

Part -II
Indian Geography
1. Introduction
2. Geology
3. Physiography
4. Drainage System
5. Climate
6. Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
7. Soils
8. Land Utilisation and Agriculture
9. Livestock
10. Fishing
11. Irrigation
12. Multipurpose Projects
13. Mineral Resources
14. Energy Resources
15. Manufacturing Industries
16. Transport and Communication
17. The People

Indian Polity and Governance
I. Polity and Governance - The Indian Context
II. The Constitution of India: General
III. The Making of The Indian Constitution
IV. The Constitution of India
V. Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles and Fundamental Duties
VI. Indias Polity: The Political System in India
VII. Commissions and Functionaries: Constitutional/Statuory/Extra-constitutional
VIII. Public Policies
IX. Miscellaneous

Economic and Social Development
I. Demographics and Census
II. Five Year Plans
III. Sustainable Development
IV. Poverty
V. Inclusion and Social Justice
VI. Education
VII. Health and Family Welfare
VIII. Unemployment
IX. Price and Inflation
X. Money, Banking and Insurance Sector
XI. Public Sector Enterprises
XII. Public Finance
XIII. International Institutions and Trading Blocks
XIV. Appendix: Union Budget 2013-14

Environmental Ecology Bio-diversity and Climate Change
1. Basic Concepts
2. Major Biomes of the World
3. Biodiversity and Hotspots
4. Global Treaties-Conventions and Protocols
5. Environmental Degradation and Management Introduction
6. Major Disasters
7. Climatic Change

General Science
1. Introductory Physics
2. Mechanics and Properties of Matter
3. Waves and Optics
4. Heat and Thermodynamics
5. Electricity and Magnetism
6. Atomic Physics
7. Radioactivity
8. Electronics
9. Astronomy
10. Glossary

1. Chemistry and its Importance
2. Branches of Chemistry
3. Matter
4. Structure of Atom
5. Atomic Number and Mass number
6. Electronic Configuration of Elements
7. Isotopes and Isobars Applications of Isotopes
8. Periodic Table of Elements
9. Formation of Bond
10. Chemical Formulae and their Names
11. Chemical Reactions
12. Metals and Non-metals
13. Solutions and Their Strength
14. Hydrogen
15. Water
16. Carbon and its Compounds
17. Fuels
18. Carbides
19. Oxides of Carbon
20. Carbon Tetrachloride
21. Dichlorodifluoromethane
22. Soaps and Detergents
23. Acids, Bases and Salts
24. Oxygen
25. Nitrogen
26. Boron
27. Silicon
28. Phosphorus
29. Sulphur
30. Halogens
31. Noble gases
32. Polymers
33. Carbohydrates
34. Amino Acids and Proteins
35. Enzymes
36. Lipids and Vitamins
37. Environmental Chemistry
38. Green Chemistry
39. Chemicals in Medicine and Health Care
40. Dyes
41. Chemicals in Food

1. Biology and its Branches
2. Cell and Cell Reproduction
3. Classification of Organisms
4. Bacteria and Virus
5. Morphology and Physiology of Plants
6. Organization and Physiology of Animals
7. Origin of Life and Evolution
8. Ecology
9. Genetics
10. Defence Mechanism of the Body
11. Drugs
12. Human Diseases
13. Economic Biology
14. Improvement of Animals and Plants
15. Applied Biology

General Knowledge
1. India: At a Glance
2. States and Union Territories At A Glance
3. World : At Aa Glance
Important Points

Current Event
1. National Current Events
2. International Current Events
3. Regional Current Affairs
4. Sports and Games Current Scenario

5. Indian Economy
(A) Union Budget 2013-14
(B) Economic Survey 2012-13
(C) Rail Budget 2013-14

6. Trade and Industries
7. Awards and Honours
National Awards
International Awards

8. Current Affairs Miscellanea
9. National and International Persons
Persons in News
National Appointments
International Appointments
National Obituaries
International Obituaries

10. National International Current
Events Compendium
Places in the News
Nyoma, Leh
Binola, Gurgaon
Everyday Science

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