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Food Corporation of India Assistant Grade - III Recruitment Exam (English) 1st Edition by Amp, Jain, Lal

  • ISBN: 9789350131442
  • Authors: Amp, Jain, Lal
Food Corporation of India Assistant Grade - III Recruitment Exam (English) 1st Edition by Amp, Jain, Lal
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Food Corporation of India Assistant Grade - III Recruitment Exam (English) 1st Edition

Author: Amp, Jain, Lal
Language: English
Length (Pages):
Publisher: Upkar Prakashan

Publication Year 2012
ISBN: 9789350131442

Table of Contents
Solved Paper


General Intelligence
Paper Folding Type Questions
Completion of a Figure by its Quadrant
Embeded Figures
Figure and Pieces
To Make the Figure with Pieces Given in the Question Part
To Find Out the Fourth Figure
To Find the Concealed Figure
Analogy Test
To Find a Missing Term in a Series
To Find the Odd Number
To Make the Meaningful Words with the Selected Letters of a Given Particular Word
Coding and Decoding Test
Direction Sense Test
Blood Relation
Arranging in Proper Sequence
Assigning Artificial Values and Missing Number
Matrix Type Test
Problems on Alphabet
Questions on Calendar and Clock
Venn Diagram Type Test
Dice Type Test (Cube Type Test)
To Find Figures From the Picture
To Find the Number of Diagonals in a Given Figure
To Find Out the Components of the Given Figure
Grouping of Figures into Classes
Miscellaneous Exercise I
Miscellaneous Exercise II

Clerical Aptitude
Puzzle Test
Cause and Effect
To Find Hidden Figure
Word Building
Statement and Assumptions
Statement and Arguments
Statement and Conclusions & Statement and Inferences

General Awareness


1. Numbers
2. Square Root
3. Unitary Method
4. Work and Time
5. Time and Distance
6. Percentage
7. Simple Interest
8. Compound Interest
9. Profit and Loss
10. Ratio and Proportion
11. Variation
12. Partnership
13. Average
14. H. C. F. and L. C. M.
15. Logarithms and their Use
16. Area
17. Cuboid and Cube
18. Cylinder
19. Cone
20. Sphere
21. Factorisation and Remainder Theorem
22. H. C. F. and L. C. M. of Polynomials
23. Equations
24. Roots of a Quadratic Equation
25. Set Language and Notations
26. Laws of Indices
27. Lines and Angles
28. Triangles
29. Quadrilaterals
30. Circle
31. Loci
32. Trigonometry
33. Simple Identities
34. Use of Trigonometric Table
35. Height and Distance
36. Collection and Tabulation
37. Graphical Representation
38. Calculation of Mean


Objective General English
1. Comprehension
2. Vocabulary Test
3. English Usage
4. English Structure
(A) Use of Preposition
(B) Writing Ability
5. Word Usage
(A) One Word Substitution
(B) Antonyms
(C) Sentence Completion
(D) Synonyms
6. Sequence of Sentences and Words
7. Closet Test
8. Synonyms in Operation
9. Spellings
10. Active and Passive Voice
11. Direct and Indirect Speech


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