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First Step to IIT JEE Physics PB (English) by Jain V

  • ISBN: 9789350943991
  • Authors: Jain V
First Step to IIT JEE Physics PB (English) by Jain V
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First Step to IIT JEE Physics PB (English)

Author: Jain V
Language: English
Length (Pages):
Publisher: Arihant Publications(I) Pvt.Ltd - Meerut

Publication Year 2013
ISBN: 9789350943991

Table of Contents
1. The Realm of Physics
2. Units and Measurements
3. Motion in Straight Line
4. Motion in a Plane
5. Newton's Laws of Motion
6. Friction
7. Work Energy and Power
8. Linear Momentum, Impulse and Collisions
9. Circular & Rotational Motion
10. Gravitation
11. The Wave Motion
12. Thermal Physics
13. Electrostatics
14. Current Electricity
15. Magnetism and Magnetic Effect of Current
16. Electromagnetic Induction (EMI)
17. Optics
Basic Mathematics For Physics
Workout (1-6)


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