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Event Management & Public Relations (English) 1st Edition by Savita Mohan

  • ISBN: 9789380995205
  • Authors: Savita Mohan
Event Management & Public Relations (English) 1st Edition by Savita Mohan
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Event Management & Public Relations (English) 1st Edition

Author: Savita Mohan
Language: English
Length (Pages): 246 Pages
Publisher: Enkay Publishing House

Publication Year 2012
ISBN: 9789380995205

Table Of Contents
Event marketing: measuring an experience
Importance of event of correlation and automation
Proactive corporate management and the dynamics of public relations
Event management: A CA service management
Using real time Strategic change for strategy implementation
Representing PR in the marketing mix A study on public relations variables in marketing mix modeling
The conundrum of public relations versus marketing
The role of public relations in management
Incorporating sustainability in meetings and event management
The employability prospects of graduates in event management
Political public relations: spin, persuasion or relationship building
Library public relations: new opportunities in a growing field
Event Management services
Towards an international event management body knowledge


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