CBSE All India Engineering Entrance Exam 'Mathematics' (English) by N K Singh

  • ISBN: 9788174822017
CBSE All India Engineering Entrance Exam
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CBSE All India Engineering Entrance Exam 'Mathematics' (English)

Author: N K Singh
Language: English
Length (Pages):

Publication Year
Exam:JEE Main & Advanced
ISBN: 9788174822017

Table of Contents

01. Elements of Set Theory
02. Relation and Function
03. Complex Numbers
04. Matrices and Determinants
05. Quadratic Equation
06. Permutation and Combination
07. Mathematical Induction
08. Binomial Theorem
09. Sequence and Series
10. Trigonometry
11. Two Dimensional Geometry
12. Three Dimensional Geometry
13. Function
14. Limit, Continuity and Differentiability
15. Tangents and Normals
16. Maxima and Minima
17. Rolles Theorem, Mean Value Theorem, Taylors Theorem
18. Partial Differentiation
19. Singular Points
20. Curvature
21. Asymptotes
22. Curve Tracing
23. Integration of Rational, Irrational and Trigonometric Functions
24. Differential Equations
25. Vector Algebra
26. Frequency Distribution, Mean, Median, Mode and Standard Deviation
27. Probability
Elementary Statics
28. Statics : Basic Concepts
29. Velocity, Acceleration and Rectilinear Motion
Mental Aptitude
Part-I : Aptitude Test
Part-II : Drawing Aptitude


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