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Bihar Polytechnic: Combined Entrance Examination (English) by Lal

  • ISBN: 9788174825063
  • Authors: Lal
Bihar Polytechnic: Combined Entrance Examination (English) by Lal
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Bihar Polytechnic: Combined Entrance Examination (English)

Author: Lal
Language: English
Length (Pages):
Publisher: Upkar Prakashan Publisher

Publication Year 2012
Exam:Polytechnic entrance
ISBN: 9788174825063

Table of Contents
Previous Years? Papers?Fully Solved Mathematics
Commercial Arithmetics
Set Theory
Physics Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
General Knowledge
Table of Contents
Previous Years PapersFully Solved


1. Commercial Arithmetics
1.1 Logarithm
1.2 Percentage
1.3 Simple and Compound Interest
1.4 Profit and Loss
1.5 Discount
1.6 Shares and Dividend
1.7 Bank Deposits and Payment in Instalments

2. Geometry
2.1 Lines and Angles
2.2 The Triangle
2.3 Quadrilateral
2.4 Circle

3. Mensuration
3.1 Area of Triangle
3.2 Area of Square and Rectangle
3.3 Area of Parallelogram and Rhombus
3.4 Area of Trapezium
3.5 Circle and its Sector
3.6 Cuboid and Cube
3.7 Cylinder, Cone and Sphere

4. Trigonometry
4.1 Trigonometrical Ratios
4.2 Circular Measure, Radian
4.3 Height and Distance
5. Statistics
5.1 Classification of Data
5.2 Calculations of Arithmetic Mean, Median and Mode

6. Algebra
6.1 Quadratic Polynomial and Graph
6.2 Main Formulae and Factors
6.3 Quadratic Equations
6.4 Nature of Roots of a Quadratic Equation
6.5 Questions on Simple, Simultaneous and Quadratic Equations

7. Set Theory
7.1 Set Theory
7.2 Cartesian Product of two Sets
7.3 Function


1. Measurements and Units
2. Motion
3. The Forces
4. Density
5. Elasticity
6. Our Universe
7. Transmission of Light
8. Wave Optics
9. Photometry
10. Eectrostatics
11. Magnetism
12. Modern Physics


Physical Chemistry
1. Science and Scientific Method
2. State of MatterSolid, Liquid and Gases
3. Atoms and Molecules, Laws of Chemical Combination
4. Atomic Structure and Radioactivity
5. Valency or Chemical Bonding
6. Symbol, Formula and Chemical Equations
7. Gaseous Laws
8. Atomic Weight, Molecular Weight and Equivalent Weight
9. Electrolysis, Acid, Base and Salt
10. Various Chemical Reactions and Catalysis
11. Solutions and Solvents
Important Points

Inorganic Chemistry
1. Periodic Classification of Elements
2. Water
3. Hydrogen, Sulphurated Hydrogen, Hydrogen Chloride and Chlorine
4. Nitrogen, Ammonia, Oxygen and Sulphurdioxide
5. Metals and Non-metals
Important Points

Organic Chemistry
1. An Introduction to Organic Chemistry
2. Classification of Organic Compounds
3. Saturated and Unsaturated Hydrocarbons
4. Plastics, Artificial Fibres, Medicines Explosives and Detergents
5. Chemical Calculations
Some Noteworthy Points


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