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Stress Management Mantra

By rashmijsr on Thu, 19 September 2013 at 19:11 IST
Stress Management Mantra


Stress is something which takes away the peace of life. A person can be stressed due to “N” Number of reasons. It can be due to problems at home or office. A sudden change in daily routine can cause stress, introduction of a new rule can cause stress. Any change apart from what is existing can cause stress. We adapt to whatever exists and a sudden change blows us. It is common to resist it and then we adapt and move with it. We get in our comfort zone when we do the same things again and again. We are happy with it and any changes stresses us.

Stress can be in our personal or professional front, either ways it passes on and makes us irritated. A person has 24 hrs in a day and have work of 30 hours so we always have to make a choice. A wrong choice gives us more stress and a right choice relieves us of extra burden. A person can be stressed by sudden illness of loved one and the burden of extra expenditure. he has got daily routine work and this extra burden stresses his mind. He has this problem at the back of his mind which lessens his thinking ability. This in turn hampers his work. He cannot concentrate on his work fully. He misinterprets events and other commands from his boss which in turn hampers the work quality. This annoys the boss and he gets angry which in turn increases stress of the individual.

Everyone has problems in life and we have to deal with it. Our own physical problems stresses us when things move out of control. Others success and our own failures cause stress. We get unhappy and irritated. We might be waiting for a promotion but when others get the rank which we expected to get it annoys us. We are not happy with it and feel stressed.

We get stressed when we are not able to earn a desired income or achieve a goal which we have set for us. stress can be caused by any small or big thing. It is not necessary that something big needs to happen in life to stress us, we can be stressed by small small events every day. A sudden fight with a colleague not listening to us can stress us. An accident, an unwanted event.

we spend most of the time managing finances and work. Any differences stresses us. Sometimes we procrastinate the work like putting off what needs to be done today to tomorrow. This in turn leads to piled work which causes stress.

Daily recurring of same problems can stress us. A sudden change in law can cause stress. When we are stressed we try to control things which in turn stresses us more. We start speaking negatively about other people just because of anger and jealousy. People get alcoholic to reduce stress.

Stress causes headaches, stomach aches, ulcers, heart problems, problems of high BP etc.
A stressed person is less productive and is more blaming than problem solving.

Stress lowers productivity, lowers our confidence, missed work and turnover, domestic abuse, alcohol, depression etc.

Some stress are for a short period while others carry on for a longer time. We can get rid of short term stress but long term are the ones which creates problems and havoc in our life. They take away the peace of our life and makes the body diseased as the body is in constant stress.

Stress is of two types Eustress and Distress. Eustress is “good stress” while distress is “negative stress”. For example a little stress to reach office on time to complete our daily schedule, do proper work are all good stress. We need little stress to do our work or else we would get less productive.

Distress is negative stress which arises out of unwanted situations and feelings which negatively affects us like work stress, performance stress, undue peer pressure, job promotion.

There are few things which are in our hands while others are not in our hands. Things which are not in our hands stresses us when we try to control them according to our own choice. Either we have to accept things as they are or change it. if we cannot change it, adjust to the environment and change our thinking. Just complaining will not solve the problem. We need to act.

There is no formula which will fit all but then yes a clear understanding of the situation and looking for probable solutions can reduce stress. Most of the time stress is caused due to less time, communication gap and poor listening. These creates gaps in communication and hence enhances stress, Judgements of other people about us and our circle stresses us if they are negative.

So what to do. I would say i know myself much better than anyone else in this whole world. Let others doubt but if you feel you can do a certain task do it. This will remove the guilt feeling cause by inaction. Action is the cure for melancholy. Most of the time we think a lot but don’t do thinking it to be someone else’s job and this aggravates the problem further.

Each person has different stress tolerance level. Some cannot handle even a little stress while others can handle a lot and still remain calm. I would stay managing stress is an art and it comes from experience. When we get the same problem again and again we know how to handle it and hence it does not stresses us unless there is any change in the situation.

Most people get stressed thinking about the society and what others will feel about them when they do a certain thing. Other people will talk and make judgements so it is better you apply your brain and act accordingly. We forget to live our own life and live a life to keep the society happy.

Solution for stress -

1) Clear Communication
2) Good Relations
3) Leave things on time which are not in our hands
4) A positive attitude towards life
5) Passionate about your work
6) Honesty and dedication towards your work
7) Listening and understanding

Learn to say “NO” because lots of people get stressed doing others work rather than their own. Saying NO not only relieves you of the extra burden but also helps you save your time.

People who cannot manage their time are stressed because they accommodate too many things in the 24 hrs schedule which is almost impossible. Do what is necessary and leave the rest, Delegate work.

Talk to family members or your close friends this really reduces your stress as sharing your emotions relieves you and you feel better. Keeping the sorrow to your own self increases the problem further and this starts eating us from the inside.

Ask for help when you need it. Do not shy away from asking help when you need it the most. Forget what the whole world will think, just sort out your problem. We are living our life for our own self not for someone else and it is our life so better concentrate on what you want to do and just do it.

Active listening is very important. Most of the time we hear and do not listen. Listening involves the brain where we process what is being said and understand it and also rephrase it in our own word and ask the person if we have understood it. Active listening solves problems caused by communication gap and helps reduce stress which comes from poor listening.

Live a stress free life and enjoy every day.

Rashmi Priya, corporate trainer and young motivator holds MBA degree in Human Resource and Marketing ( INDIA). She is globally recognized as Personality development and Management trainer. Her coaching and mentoring has helped many people achieve their goals. To her credits, she has conducted over 50 workshops, influenced over thousand's of participants through out India. Rashmi Priya is Founder & Corporate Trainer at Attitude School, which is a recognized firm to help students and corporates achieve their goals. She has helped students achieve success by clearing interviews and Group discussions by her active and fun filled sessions. She has helped working professionals, CEO, Entrepreneur to shed their inhibitions and effectively speak in public and achieve desired success in the corporate ladder. Rashmi Priya is Chief Executive Officer at vinayRas Infotech - Web development Company, Director - Jobsite for Freshers. She is Soft skills trainer in Jaycees. She has keen interest in writing on topics ranging from HR, Motivation to Women Empowerment. She is regular writer at The Hitavada - Nagpur's largest selling newspaper. She is also an expert author for -,,,, and other global websites. She has received “HRCI” certificate for attending conference organized by Received award for " Best Reporting of Training Programs" at Zone Conference 2011, Zone 9, JCI India. Know more about me at -

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