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By rashmijsr on Thu, 22 December 2011 at 18:04 IST


Doing a good Job and not getting promoted ? Working hard and yet not getting recognized ? There is something which is seriously going wrong. Merely working hard or becoming a good worker will not get you promoted. There are few things which should be kept in mind while seeking promotion from your employer. Let us highlight them one by one.

1)Let others know about your work – I have seen people working hard and believing my work will speak for myself. You have to remember that you are not living in an ideal world. Until and unless we let others know about our work how will they know. If you are really good at something. Let your peers as well as your seniors know so that you are in their good books. But be careful don't blow your trumpet too hard as will get noisy.

2)Evaluate yourself – You should evaluate yourself regularly. This will let you know how efficiently you work. You should qualify yourself for the next higher level job. For this you have to do self assessment. Are you qualified enough for that job ? Are you looking for a better option too early ? Is everyone around you happy ? Does the new job Skill set matches mine?These points needs to be considered because if you are under qualified you need to study further. If you are merely a graduate and next level job needs an MBA you might not get promoted. Then in that case if your company feels you are an excellent worker and should study and fill that position the its well and good. Looking for better career options with better pay package earlier in you career such as after just one year will send wrong signals, so better pay attention. Please keep yourself away from office politics. Never make enemies always travel in the middle path. Everyone wants a career growth but that does not mean that you will apply for any openings in your company. Check if your skills matches or is it the path which you want to follow in the future.

3)Have Patience – Don't look for too many options at the same time as it will send wrong signals to your seniors. They will take you as an impatient person looking for career growth.

4)Learn a new language – If you are working in a company which has overseas branches then you always look for this option. You can learn any other language and gain a competitive edge over other employees. Learning a new language will save employers cost incurred on hiring translators for the business.

5)Become a problem solver – Pose yourself as a problem solver rather than a problem creator. Become a good team player.

6)Reach office on time – Reaching office on time will help you in keeping a close watch on what others think about you and this will also keep you in good books of seniors. Don't leave before time. Always make it a habit to leave on time and look for excuses.

7) Improve your performance appraisal – You can improve your performance appraisal by doing good work. Stick to the time frame and complete work efficiently. This will give you good performance appraisal and an edge over others.

8)Attend training program for enhancing your knowledge – Its always recommended that you should make your self visible when you stand in the crowd. Many employers arrange for training program after office hours to train their employees. You should attend those. Yes you have to stretch yourself if you want to achieve something. I have seen many people happy with their present position and not working hard to gain that extra edge, still dreaming for a promotion. You have to really work hard and move out of your comfort zone.

9)Don't be a loner – Always be in good company of people. Don't stay away from them. Don't shy in talking and expressing yourself because your communication should be good when you are looking for senior level jobs.

Look ahead in life and plan your future and visualize yourself as a successful person sitting on that post. Think and act accordingly. You are sure to succeed.

There are few points which should be kept in mind while seeking promotion -

1)Don't over stretch yourself by working long hours. Others will take advantage and play with your loyalty and it will also take a toll on your health in the long run.
2)People around you may mock at you but you need to concentrate on your work and plan further rather looking on short term goals.
3)Check if the company provides you with good work prospects and has got the ability to pay you well. Always know how salable you are so that employers don't take advantage of you.

Keeping these points in mind will surely help you in getting a good promotion. All the best.

By Rashmi Priya

Rashmi Priya, corporate trainer and young motivator holds MBA degree in Human Resource and Marketing ( INDIA). She is globally recognized as Personality development and Management trainer. Her coaching and mentoring has helped many people achieve their goals. To her credits, she has conducted over 50 workshops, influenced over thousand's of participants through out India. Rashmi Priya is Founder & Corporate Trainer at Attitude School, which is a recognized firm to help students and corporates achieve their goals. She has helped students achieve success by clearing interviews and Group discussions by her active and fun filled sessions. She has helped working professionals, CEO, Entrepreneur to shed their inhibitions and effectively speak in public and achieve desired success in the corporate ladder. Rashmi Priya is Chief Executive Officer at vinayRas Infotech - Web development Company, Director - Jobsite for Freshers. She is Soft skills trainer in Jaycees. She has keen interest in writing on topics ranging from HR, Motivation to Women Empowerment. She is regular writer at The Hitavada - Nagpur's largest selling newspaper. She is also an expert author for -,,,, and other global websites. She has received “HRCI” certificate for attending conference organized by Received award for " Best Reporting of Training Programs" at Zone Conference 2011, Zone 9, JCI India. Know more about me at -