Discover Yourself

By rashmibansal on Fri, 12 July 2013 at 19:17 IST
Discover Yourself


Whether we realize it or not,our self talk is 24x7.But when we add awareness to it believe me it can do wonders for us.Started this journey of discovering self few years back and eventually I embarked upon a journey of my own.Initially it's like opening up a telegram with bad news because so much is there inside which needs to be corrected.

As rightly said we are unlimited as the endless universe.but what is needed is listening to the inner voice.When there is some error in desktops it gives a message to correct it.Similarly we have alerts which our body signals when there something wrong with our self talk.

Ever experienced shaky and sweaty hands,butterflies in stomach,headaches after some sought of thinking,hyper acidity when under stress etc?
If our self talk is negative some pressure builds up inside and needs a release,so the body signals you provided you listen.

The human brain is capable of doing for you anything reasonable that you would like it to do.But you have to know how to treat it.If you treat it right by giving it a right direction-it will do a right thing in the right way for your benefit.But if you set in a wrong program it will work negatively without you being aware of it.

How many times the world around told you what you are capable of instead they tell what is not or what not will work.And in this way we set in an image of ourselves and later we too join in too forming that self image.

It is us who can discover ourselves and listen to inner voices and connect it with our self talk.How can I succeed in something if I say am not worth it or I can't do it.Can you cook something without knowing the recipe?Even if you succeed something will be missing.So to know the missing ingredient one needs to discover oneself,evaluate the inner talk and make the necessary changes.
What you will type using the keyboard will show up on the screen,as what you say will be fed in your brain,so beware what you say.Early morning when you wake up and before going to bed is the best time to type things in your conscious mind and they will be stored in the disc called subconscious mind.
Are we not responsible for our self talk?Enjoy the journey of self discovery.

She has 8 years of experience with organizations as a soft skill trainer.To design the smile of participants is the main training aim by giving them opportunity to explore themselves. As a soft skill trainer, she has imparted training at various levels for candidates. She has conducted various trainings sessions on Soft Skills and Personality Development. Has written articles for The Hitavada newspaper Future supplement.

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