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SVUCET 2015 Syllabi for Entrance Tests

SVUCET 2015 Syllabi for Entrance Tests
College / University: Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati


In most cases, syllabi prescribed for the entrance tests relate to the common core First year syllabus of 2012-2013, Second year syllabus of 2013-2014 and Third year syllabus of 2014-2015 as followed in S.V. University.

Test-01 Anthropology
Section A: Principals of Anthropology
Section B: Physical Anthropology and prehistoric Archaeology
Section C: Indian Anthropology.

Test-02 Aquaculture
Section A: Biology of invertebrates and cell Biology
Section B: Animal Physiology, Ecology, Evolution& Genetics
Section C: Principles of Aquaculture

Test-03 Biochemistry
Section A: Bimolecular, Physiology and Methodology
Section B: Enzymes, Metabolism and Microbiology
Section C: Molecular Biology, Immunology and Endocrinology

Test-04 Biotechnology
Section A: Genetics & Ecology and Plant Physiology of B.Sc., Botany
Section B: Cell Biology, Genetics and Animal Physiology of B.Sc., Zoology
Section C: Organic Chemistry of B.Sc. Chemistry

Test-05 Botany
Section A: Paper I (Microbial Diversity, Cryptogams and Gymnosperms)
Section B: Paper II (Anatomy, Embryology, Taxonomy and Medicinal Biology)
Section C: Paper III (Cell Biology, Genetics, Ecology and Biodivesity) Paper IV (Physiology, Tissue culture,Biotechnology Seed Technology and Horticulture)

Test-06 Chemistry
Section A: Inorganic Chemistry of three years
Section B: Physical Chemistry of three years
Section C: Organic Chemistry of three years

Test-07 Commerce
Section A: Paper I (Business Economics); Paper II (Financial Accounting-I) Paper III (Industrial Organization & Management)
Section B: Paper V (Banking and Financial Systems); Paper VI (Financial Accounting-II)
Section C: Paper IX (Business Laws); Paper X (Income Tax and Practical Auditing)

Test-08 Computer Science
Section A: Paper I (PC Software and Programming in C)
Section B: Paper II (Programming in C++ and Data Structures)
Section C: Paper III (Modern DBMS)

Test-09 Economics
Section A: Paper I (Micro Economics)
Section B: Paper II (Macro Economics)
Section C: Paper III (Indian Economy and Environmental Economics)

Test-11 Education
Section A: Foundations of Education, Communicative English
Section B: Psychological foundations of education, Personality development
Section C: Educational Technology and Computer Education, School Management and Systems Education

Test -12 Electronics
Section A: Passive components and circuit analysis
Section B: Electronic Devices and Circuits
Section C: Solid State Electronic Circuits and Digital Electronics

Test-13 English
Section A: Paper I Studied under Part-I (A) English (A course in listing and speaking-I (Poetry, Prose, Further reading, Short stories, One-Act plays, Grammar and Vocabulary)
Section B: Paper II Studied under Part-I (A) English (A course in listing and speaking-I (Poetry, Prose, Further reading, Short stories, One-Act plays, Grammar and Vocabulary)
Section C: Paper III (Brief survey of the English language, Forms of Poetry, Elements of Drama, Elements of Fiction, Reading/ Understanding comprehension)

Test- 14 Environmental Science
Section A: Topics studied in Environmental Studies under Degree Part-I syllabus: Introduction to Environmental studies – Renewable and non-renewable resources – Ecosystems
Section B: Topics studied in Environmental Studies under Degree Part-I syllabus: Biodiversity and its conservation – Environmental pollution – Solid waste management –Disaster management
Section C: Topics studied in Chemistry under Degree Part II syllabus: Paper – I: Theory of quantitative analysis, Paper –II: Non-aqueous solvents; Solutions, Paper-III: Bioinorganic Chemistry; Photochemistry

Test-15 Food Technology
Section A: Basic food groups – Food constituents, nutrients, and Food requirements
Section B: fundamentals of Food Science, Chemistry, Processing and preparation
Section C: Nutrition for growth and development – Food spoilage and preservation.

Test-16 Geography
Section A: Paper I (Principles of Physical Geography)
Section B: Paper II (Human and Economic Geography)
Section C: Paper III (Regional Geography of India)

Test-17 Geology
Section A: Paper I (Physical Geology, Crystallography and Mineralogy)
Section B: Paper II (Petrology and Structural Geology)
Section C: Paper III (Paleontology, Indian Geology and Economic Geology)

Test-18 Hindi
Section A&B: Paper I Studied under Part-1 (B) Hindi (Prescribed lesion, Non-detailed Prescribed)
Section C: Paper II Studied under Part-I (B) Hindi (Grammar)

Test-19 History
Section A: Paper I (Indian History from earliest times to 1526 A.D.)
Section B: Paper II (Indian History from 1526 to 1964)
Section C: Paper III (History of Modern Europe: 1789-1960)

Test-20 SEAP Studies (South East Asian and Pacific Studies)
Section A: Indian Freedom Movement, 1857-1947
Section B: International Relations, 1870-1956
Section C: India in World Affairs

Test-21 Home Science
Section A: Paper I (Human Physiology and General Psychology)
Section B: Paper II (Food Science and Nutrition), Paper III (Sociology, Marriage and Family Relations)
Section C: Paper IV(Human Development), Paper V (Home Science Extension)

Test- 22 Hydrogeology
Section A: Geomorphology, Mineralogy & Indian Stratigraphy, Structural Geology & Geotectonic
Section B: Computer Applications & Geostatistics, Remote sensing & GIS, Petrology
Section C: Hydrogeology, Environmental Geology, Geochemistry.

Test-24 Mathematics
Section A: Paper I Differential Equations and Solid Geometry
Section B: Paper II Abstract Algebra and Real Analysis
Section C: Paper III Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus

Test-25 Microbiology
Section A: Paper I and II: (General Microbiology, Microbial Physiology and Metabolism, Molecular Biology.
Section B: Paper III and IV: Immunology, Medical Microbiology and Applied Microbiology.
Section C: Chemistry related to Biological Sciences; and Biophysical and Biochemical techniques.

Test-26 Performing Arts
Section A: Musicology – Paper-I
Section B: Musicology – Paper-II
Section C: Musicology – Paper-III

Test-27 Philosophy
Section A: Paper I (Indian Philosophy)
Section B: Paper II (Western Philosophy)
Section C: Paper III (Logic and Scientific Method), Paper IV (Ethics)

Test-29 Physics
Section A: Paper I (Mechanics, Waves and Oscillations)
Section B: Paper II (Thermodynamics and Optics)
Section C: Paper III (Electricity, Magnetism and Electronics) Paper IV (Modern Physics)

Test-30 Political Science and Public Administration
Section A: Concepts, Theories and Institutions of Political Science, Concepts and Theories of Public Administration
Section B: Indian Government and Politics, Indian Administration
Section C: Political Thought, Management of Resources

Test-32 Population Studies
Section A: Sources of Population data-Basic Concepts & Measures – Components of Population Growth-Population structure and characteristics.
Section B: Population Distribution – Growth of Population in India and Andhra Pradesh –population, Resources and Environment – Theories of Population growth
Section C: Population policy and Family Welfare Programme – Human Reproduction –Community Health – Steps in conducting social research – Development of different tools of research – Population Education – Credibility in communication.

Test-33 Psychology
Section A: General Psychology (Introduction, Biological Basis of behavior, Sensation and Perception, Motivation, Emotion)
Section B: Intelligence, Memory and forgetting, Thinking, Personality.
Section C: Nature and Scope of Social Psychology, Nature and Importance of Developmental Psychology, Early stages of Development

Test-35 Sanskrit
Section-A: Paper I Studied Under Part-I (B) Sanskrit (Poetry and Prose)
Section-B: Paper II Studied Under Part-I (B) Sanskrit (Drama, Campo, Modern Prose, History of literature and Alankara 18
Section C: Grammar Prescribed in the I and II year textbooks.

Test-37 Social Work
Section A: Paper I Social work profession, philosophy and basic social science concepts
Section B: Paper II Social work intervention – Basic methods
Section C: Paper III Social work intervention – Auxiliary methods; Paper IV Social work with women and children

Test-38 Sociology
Section A: Paper I (Principles of Sociology)
Section B: Paper II (Indian Society)
Section C: Paper III (Social Change and Planning)

Test-39 Space Technology
Section A : OP-amps and digital Electronics
Section B : Analogue and Digital Communications
Section C : Fiber optics, Microwave and Satellite Communications.

Test-40 Statistics
Section A: Paper I (Probability and Distributions)
Section B: Paper II (Statistical Methods and Inference)
Section C: Paper III (Applied Statistics-I), Paper IV (Applied Statistics-II)

Test-41 Tamil
Section A & B: Paper I Studied under Part-I (B) Tamil,
Section C: Paper II Studied under Part-I (B) Tamil

Test-42 Telugu
Section A: Paper I Studied under Part-I (B) Telugu: Prachina Padyabhagamu, Adunica Padyabhagam, Navala and Grammar.
Section B: Paper II Studied under Part-I (B) Telugu: Prachina Padyabhagamu, AdunicaPadyabhagam, Gadhyabhagam, Drama, Alamkars, Grammar and essay.
Section C: Paper II (History of literature) and paper III (History of Telugu language, Grammar and Dialects) Studied under Part II Telugu of B.A.

Test-43 Urdu
Section A: Paper I Studied under Part-I (B) Urdu
Section B: Paper II Studied under Part-I (B) Urdu
Section C: Paper I and Paper II Studied under Part-II Urdu

Test-44 Virology
Section A: Topics from the syllabus of B.Sc, Life Science Subjects related to: Cell Biology, Biology of Microorganisms, immunology, and Ecology.
Section B: Topics from of B.Sc. Life Science Subjects related to: Biochemistry, Physiology, Metabolism and Genetics.
Section C: Chapters/Topics from B.Sc. Chemistry related to: Chemical bonding, organic reagents and reactions, acidity and basicity, Isomerism, tautomerism, polymerization, polar and non-polar molecules, classification and properties of amino acids and carbohydrates, gas laws, solutions, colloids, liquids, thermodynamics, buffers, EMF, Chemical kinetics, photo and nuclear chemistry, importance of inorganic elements in biological systems.

Test-45 Women Studies
Section A: i) Indian Heritage & Culture; ii) Science & Civilization
Section B: i) Status of Women in India & Andhra Pradesh-Facts & Figures; ii) General Awareness on Women’s achievements issues and problems
Section C: i) General Awareness: Current Affairs, General Knowledge; ii) specific reference to women

Test-46 Zoology
Section A: Paper I (Biology of Invertebrates and Cell Biology)
Section B: Paper II (Biology of Chordates, Genetics, Evolution and Zoogeography)
Section C: Paper III (Animal physiology, Behavior and Ecology)

Test-47 General Test
Section A: Indian Heritage & Culture studied under Part-(C)
Section B: Current Affairs-Regional National & International Events – Who’s who – Sports-Books-Awards Honors 19
Section C: General Knowledge: Social Studies up to 10th class level-Inventions-Discoveries-Capital Cities Abbreviations – Social Problems(corruption, beggary, casteism) Verbal & Analytical Reasoning


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