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JNAFAU PEET 2014-15 Syllabus

JNAFAU PEET 2014-15 Syllabus


JNAFAU PEET 2014-15 Syllabus given Below :

The test shall consist of the requirement of proficiency and skill in ‘Research Aptitude’, ‘English Language Skills and Basic Computer Skills’ and the ‘Knowledge of the Concerned Subject’. The syllabus of Research Aptitude, and Basic English language and computer skills has been mentioned in this document. The syllabus of Post Graduation shall be the course content for ‘Knowledge of the subject of specialization’.

Syllabus for Ph.D. Eligibility Test:2014-15
The test aims at examining the aptitude of a candidate and suitability to do research. Hence the following syllabus is proposed for the test.

Section –I
Research Aptitude:
1. UNIT I - Basics of Research
2. UNIT II - General Mental Ability
3. UNIT III - Logical Reasoning
4. UNIT IV - Non-Verbal Reasoning
5. UNIT V - Data Interpretation

a) English Language

1. UNIT I - Parts of Speech and their Usages
2. UNIT II - Word Choice, Sentence Structure, paragraph structure
3. UNIT III - Usage of Tenses in English
4. UNIT IV - Active-Passive Voice and Direct- Indirect Speech

b) Basic Computer skills
1. UNIT I - General abbreviations and terminology
2. UNIT II - Basics of MS-OFFICE, I/O Devices
3. UNIT III - Spreadsheets, Databases and Graphics
4. UNIT IV - Web skills for Research

Knowledge of the subject of specialization (According to the Masters syllabus in JNAFA University). Each candidate has to choose any one subject based on their proposed area of research.
• Architecture
• Environmental Design
• Urban & Regional Planning

=> PEET Architecture Syllabus

=> PEET Urban & Regional Planning Syllabus
=> PEET Environmental Design Syllabus


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