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BSAUEEE 2014 Paper Pattern

BSAUEEE 2014 Paper Pattern

The BSAUEEE 2014 question booklet will be in English. The question paper will contain objective type questions. Each question will be followed by four answers, of which, only one is correct / most appropriate.


The duration of the examination is 2.00 hours (10 am to 12.00 Noon).

Total no. of Questions

100 questions have to be answered

Subject Combination

Question paper will have objective type questions in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Subject Weightage

Out of 100 questions, 50 questions will be from Mathematics, 25 from Physics and 25 from Chemistry.

Total Marks

All questions carry one mark each and the paper will be valued for a maximum of 100 marks.

Evaluation Pattern

If more than one answer is indicated against a question, it will be treated as “incorrect answer”.
If no response is indicated in the answer sheet against a question, no marks will be awarded.


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