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Operation Conversion

By manishankar on Mon, 04 August 2014 at 01:47 IST


- by Manishankar Chakraborty

The students undergoing professional programs like Management, Engineering, Architecture, Medicine and the like need to essentially undergo an internship, at times for a couple of weeks to even more than 10 weeks. The need for such internships are manifold, one is to understand the intricacies of the practical world, two to relate theory with practical learning, three to understand th carry and conduct of a professional at the workplace, fourth th most important personality development and many others. It is this process which defines how, when to what extent can on leverage this opportunity to the hilt. For instance and engineering pr-final year student might feel that it's only a matter of a couple of months, why to undergo the hardships at th shop floor, where the mercury is hovering around 50 degrees Celsius. One can very confine self in the environs of the air-cooled home and cut copy and paste literature from various sources to convert it into a project report, Similarly, the management intern might feel that why should I honor my clients appointment at the peak of the sultry summer? A medical intern might develop the same when asked to carry out his responsibilities during the night hours. All these thought process emanates from the comfort zone one is always exposed to. Parents had always been extra caring for their wards, thereby making them habituated to soothing environs every now and then. This is not the case once he steps into the world of reality. This opportunity and the processes should always be approached with an operation conversion mindset.


A raw mind cannot think of a better platform to convert his behaviour. Let us presume Hitesh to be and arrogant short tempered guy having difficulty in managing relationships. Once into the realms of the industry, Hitesh would come across instances where his short-coming would expose him to some uncomfortable situations and responses. Hitesh might develop a tendency to give up and come back to his normal surrounding so that his shortcomings are not punctured. However, here in comes in the role of a guide who can counsel and mentor Hitesh to understand that he need to go through heart so that he can transform himself after the completion of the internship.


Sreekanta, an above average scholar falters most of the time because of her poor communication skills. This makes he jittery and non-responsive to any public presence, interaction and other related assignments. Being a management student, it would not help the cause of Sreekanta, if she keeps on hiding herself from such instances. The opportunity to unleash her true potential is during this process where she can rub shoulders with her more illustrious and vocal colleagues. She might fail, that should not be a disappointment for her, she should be able to continue and conduct herself in spite of getting exposed. Once, twice and even thrice she falters, analyzers every time what went wrong and tries to rectify the next time, she would definitely convert herself into a good communication.


Huzma comes from a very well of family. She is well looked after. Right from the early days she is being pampered to such an extent that she feels the world is at her feet. Gradually over a period of time she develops an attitude, which is hurting for her and her surrounding. She is least affected and bothered because her behavior is not causing any tangible loss to her. She feels and she is to an extent compensating all her shortcoming through her family wealth. Once she joined for the management program, and was undergoing her internship she came across situations where she embarrassed many for her attitude. In fact the company where she was working went to the extent of terminating her internship contract. She took it for some time and then decided to give up. It was her mentor, who explained her in detail, all her shortcomings and motivated her to continue with the assignment with a positive frame of mind. Once the internship was completed Huzma was a transformed personality with a down to earth and affable attitude. Operation conversion was successful.


The organization has their way of measuring up a prospect, which is being done properly, these days by various exercises like executive training or on job observation etc. The sensible interns would definitely understand the yardsticks used by the company to gauze them and accordingly start to acclimatize and present in the daily chores. Over a period of time, all the weaknesses of the intern are subconsciously amended.

The author is Faculty at Tirpude Institute of Management Education and can be reached at [email protected]

I am a versatile management trainer with hands on experience in Men and Resource Management, Training and Training related administration. I have more than 290 published articles, business case studies, research papers to my credit.You can avail those by mailing me.I am also a professional management consultant and management trainer with 135 hours of management training till date to industry and corporate bodies and government departments.I am also a professional Columnist for leading print and electronic media houses.

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