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Mangalayatan University Aligarh Scholarships 2015-16

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Mangalayatan University

The University offers various scholarships and Fee concessions to meritorious students, students from some minority communities and some other categories to encourage meritorious students and to help students from minority communities to acquire higher education. The scholarships offered during academic year 2015-16 are as follows:

(a) Course Fee waiver to meritorious students
This scholarship is awarded to students based on their merit in the qualifying exam for admission to various degree courses of the University. 100% course fee waiver is allowed to boys with 90% & higher marks at the qualifying examination. For those with 85% to 89.99% marks 50% course fee waiver is allowed. Boys with 80% to 84.99% marks are given 20% course fee waiver.

For girls, 100% course fee waiver is allowed for those with 85% & above marks in qualifying examination, 50% for those with 80% to 84.99%, and 20% for those with 75% to 79.99%.

Above fee waiver is allowed at the time of admission and continues for the first year. For retention of the fee waiver in the subsequent years, a student has to maintain a CGPA of 9.75 for 100% course fee waiver, 9.25 for 50% course fee waiver and 8.75 for 20% course fee waiver.

(b) Fee concession to University employees and their wards

50% concession in course fees is allowed to self/spouse/son/daughter of University Employees. Extended blood relations of University employees, defined as brother/sister of University employee, son or daughter of brother/sister of University Employee are allowed 15% course fee waiver. (This Fee concession is throughout the course till the employee continues to work in the University)

(c) Course Fee waiver for the wards of Freedom Fighters and Defence personnel

20% concession in course fees is allowed to Son/Daughter or Grandson/Grand daughter of Freedom Fighters, Son/Daughter of serving Armed Forces/ Para-Military Forces/Police Force Personnel and differently abled children with 50% or higher impairment. This Fee concession continues throughout the course

(d) Concession for children from minority communities*

10% course fee waiver is allowed to children from Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Parsi, Buddhist and Jain communities. (This Fee concession continues throughout the course)

(e) Special concession for Jain students sponsored by Teerthdham Mangalayatan*

30% course fee waiver is allowed to Jain students sponsored by Teerthdham Mangalayatan. (This Fee concession continues throughout the course)

(f) Fee concession to brother/sister of an existing student of Mangalayatan University

25% course fee waiver is allowed to Brother/sister/husband/wife of existing students of Mangalayatan University for the first year. The concession will continue till both the students are studying in the University. (Concession will be considered on lower course fee.)
(g) Fee concession to Mangalayatan University students joining next higher degree in the University

A student of Mangalayatan University on completion of one degree, getting admitted to next degree is allowed 25% course fee concession or Rs. 30,000, whichever is lower. (Fee concession is throughout the course.)

Additional Scholarships in subsequent years

The University also encourages students to do well in the University examinations by offering additional merit scholarships for those students who did not get a merit scholarship at the time of admission to the first year. These scholarships are based on merit of University examinations. (Top 3% students in every course will be offered 50% course fee concession in the next year provided they have CGPA of more than 9.75 )

Scholarships for Ph.D Students

Full time Ph.D Scholars will be given a scholarship of Rs 20000 per month in Engineering and Rs 15000 per month for other than engineering depending on the availability of Ph.D seats in the concerned departments.

Scholarship for M.Sc/M.Tech Students
Depending on the requirements of University departments/ schools, some of the M.Tech/M.Sc students may be awarded teaching assistantships of Rs. 5000/Rs. 3000 per month respectively.

*Minimum 50% Marks is mandatory in qualifying Exam.

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