Workshop on “Learning and Teaching Skills in English Language” organized on 5th October, 2013

Updated on Thu, 10 October 2013 at 12:06 IST
Sanskriti Group of Institutions, Mathura

The Foundation Day and Fresher’s welcome programme was celebrated with great enthusiasm on 30th September, 2013. The Chief Guest of the programme was Hon’ble Sri Ashok Sajjanhar, I.F.S., ex- Ambassador to Sweden and presently Secretary, National Council for Communal Harmony.

The programme started with lighting of lamp by the Hon’ble Chief Guest, Chairman and Vice – Chairman of the Group. It was followed by a dance performance seeking blessing from Goddess Saraswati.

The phenomenal progress of the Group was narrated in brief to the audience. In this narration, the road map of the Group charted out for being reckoned as one of finest Group of Institutions engaged in technology & professional education was briefly described.

The most significant event of the programme was the address/ speech of the Chief Guest who is also an important member of Board of Governors of Sanskriti Group of Institutions.

While addressing the faculty members and the students of the Group, Hon’ble Ashok Sajjanhar stated that the responsibility of projecting India as one of super powers in terms of economy, technology, quality of life etc. in near future rests on the shoulders of the present generation of students. He insisted that realization of the responsibility will make the students focus on holistic development and discourage them from diverting their attention from this cherished goal. He reminded the faculty members about their responsibility in motivating the students to utilize the important period of their life in a very constructive way towards building of character and over-all personality with focus on academics.

In his concluding remarks, the Chief Guest said that the future of this Group is extremely bright and he is confident that under the dynamic leadership of the young Chairman, Sanskriti Group will be registering rapid growth and making substantial contribution in technological and professional field.

The Freshers’ of the different courses were extended a heartly welcome and inducted into Sanskriti family with complete assurance that the entire Sanskriti team will make the freshers feel that this is their second home.

Mr. Sachin Gupta, Chairman of the Group said that the team of faculty members, staff and others had worked hard to lift the image of the Group to the present level and bringing perseverance and dedication of the members of his team will enable the Group to attain commanding heights in the field of professional & technical education.

The students show – cased their talent in cultural events and there were many performances including songs, dances, skits etc. Fashion show by the students of Sanskriti Group was also an important event appreciated by the audience.

The Chief Guest presented trophies and certificates to the students who had achieved academic excellence in their respective courses.

National anthem was played at the end of the programme.