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Successful concluding of 2-Day, National Level Techno-Cultural Fest - "Oxy-Tech 2013"

Updated on Mon, 25 March 2013 at 20:05 IST
Oxford College of Engineering, Bangalore

The Department of MCA, The Oxford College of Engineering, Bommanahalli, organized a 2-Day, National Level Techno-Cultural Fest - “Oxy-Tech 2013” on the 18th and 19th of March 2013. It was a combination of education and fun. It was envisioned as a platform to take students from the novice level to that of an exceptional initiative and to revitalize their identity, develop new perspectives and mild their character through discipline and passionate vision. It was an opportunity for the students to learn leading-edge technologies, and also exhibit their extreme talent in the field of IT in front of a vast audience.

The fest attracted an enthralling crowd of overwhelming and enthusiastic students from all over India. The students of BE, MCA, M.Sc(IT/CSE), M.Tech and Final year B.Sc and BCA from various esteemed institutions participated in the events of OXY-TECH 2013. The overall number of colleges that enrolled for Oxy-Tech 2013 was 26 and approximately above 500 students took part in the various events.

There were a total of 11 events conducted, which included – Ice Breaker, Tech-Talk, “Brain Scratch”-IT Quiz, IT Manager, “Kodez”-Coding & Debugging, Web Weaver, “Khoj”- Treasure Hunt, Kurukshetra-NFS Most Wanted & Kurukshetra-Counter-Strike, Mad- Ads and Gully Cricket.

Oxy-Tech 2013 served as a nurturing ground for many new talents and ideas. It is the constant effort of the MCA Department to grow and further develop this trend in the years to come.

Oxy-Tech 2013 started with the ceremonious inaugural function with the lighting of the holy lamp and the invocation song by Surya Ram Kumar. It was blessed with the presence of Sri SNVL Narasimha Raju, Executive Director, Children's Education Society, The Oxford Group of Institutions, Major Mudde Gowda, Advisory Council member, Dr R.Nagaraj, Principal TOCE, and our beloved Dr. Shashidhara, HOD-MCA,
TOCE. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr. Sudindra Koushik. He has an extensive experience of 20 years+ in various fields and has worked in several countries. He has many patents to his credit and has won Innovation Council Award from Karnataka State Innovation Council among various others. The guest of honor, Mr. Punyasloka Arya., is the Senior Research Engineer in Computer Infrastructure Group (Center
for Development of Telematics, Bangalore), Bangalore. He has a vast experience of 11 years+ in various IT technologies.

Anchoring for the program was successfully being done by Abhinita and Aruna. There was also a Bharatnatyam dance done by Druthi and the ceremony ended successfully with the national anthem.

Event Details

Ice Breaker
Ice Breaker was an event in which participants were asked to give an introduction about their college in a funny and attractive manner. It was a fun-filled event for the audience as each college came on stage and introduced themselves in a very innovative and interesting manner.

Prof. Parimala along with her team of students organized the event with much excitement and energy. The Student coordinators were Raghavendra Rathore, Divyashree, Kiran Kumar, Kedar Nayak, Jesmi V. Joy, and Papori Kalita. Special Anchoring was being done by the talented RJ’s of Radio 93.5 Red FM.

A total of 15 teams participated in the event and they were judged by Ms. Smitha Gangadhavaiah, Team Leader, Shell technologies and Ms. Deepti Mohan, Model/ Actress.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners were BIT Bangalore, RVCE College and Mechanical Dept., TOCE respectively.

Tech Talk
In this event, the participants were given an on-spot topic based on technology. The participants were given 3 minutes to talk about the topic. They were judged based on their way of thinking, expressions, language and presentation. There were a total of 18 participants from various colleges.

Prof. Sheerin Zadoo along with her talented team of students made the event a great success. The student coordinators were Sangeeta Deshpande, Sadhana Vishwakarma, Sunitha, Shashirekha, Vikas Verma and Manohar Singh. The judges were Mr. Raghavendra Joshi and Prof. Sheerin Zadoo. The event judged the spontaneity of the students and served as a confidence booster.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners were Mr. Sharath from RVCE College, Mr. Naveen from CMRIT and Mr. Narendra from CMRIT respectively.

“Brain Scratch”-IT Quiz
We all know that, IT Quiz is an event that tests the knowledge of the candidates. There were a total of 26 teams having 2 candidates each that participated in this event out of which 6 teams were filtered for the final round. The finals comprised of many interesting rounds like Rapid fire, Visual round, Buzzer round and the usual Direct question round. To top up the excitement of even the audience, the event coordinators asked a volley of questions and gave away many surprise prizes.

The event was well organized by Prof. Kiran Srivastava and her student coordinators Vibha, Sumanth Hegde, Pramod Reddy, Niranjan B.S., and Manjesh. The Quiz master was Mr. Mahesh Babu TR., PR Firm entrepreneur and owner.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners were ISE Dept. TOCE, PESIT and Kristu Jayanti College respectively.

IT Manager
To be the best manager one requires skills and experience. Participants in this event were judged based on their aptitude, creativity, body language, contents, and communication. There were a total of 22 participants from 15 colleges. There were 3 rounds namely- Aptitute, Inspiron and the on-stage Finals. The talented and inspiring judges for Inspiron were Prof. A. Suhana and Prof. Richa Tiwari from MBA Dept, TOCE. The well-experienced judges for the Finals were Mr. Yahad Mistry, Direct Sales Executive from Myndgerie System Pvt. Ltd. And Mr. Vinod V, Assistant Manager, HGS.

Mrs. Sweta Kankumbkar along with her student coordinators Asma, Madhu, Smita, Jyotika and Amit Babu gave the students a taste of Placements and interviews and in turn helped in boosting up their confidence. The Final 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners were Mr. Prem Kumar Goenka from Christ University, Mr. Naveen P from CMRIT, Bangalore and Mr. Williams N. from SFS College, Electronic City, Bangalore.

“Kodez”- Coding and Debugging
This event was specifically designed to test the programming skills of the participants. The teams were given programs suffering from bugs and were asked to clear them step by step and come out with the right output. The teams not only had to use their technical skills, but also had to make use of their conceptual knowledge.

We had a surprising number of 41 teams (2 candidates in each team), which took part in this event out of which 14 teams qualified for the Finals. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners were AMC College, PESIT and RRCE respectively.

The learned and well experienced judge for the event was Mr. Manohar T., Project Manager, Pearson Group, Bangalore. The event was a huge success under the valuable guidance of Prof. Dharamvir and his super-charged team of students namely Ravi, Gautam, Paresh, Sunil, Abdul, Sujah, Nishikant, Subhendu, Raghavendra and Sandeep.

Web Weaver
The event was a hunt for efficient website designers who are proficient enough to design a neat website within constrained time limits! It combined creative ability with coding. There were a total of 31 teams that took part in this event from various colleges.

The event was a huge hit among students and was well- organized by Prof. Ravish G.K. and his dedicated team of students- Hasmukh Maniya, Rahul Kalsariya, Satish Sojitra, Laxman Tukadiya, Divyesh Dhokiya and Lingaraj The judge for the event was the much talented Mr. Chengappa MR., who is a Software Engineer in HP Pvt. Ltd.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners were RVCE, CMRIT and Acharya Intitute of Technology respectively.

“Khoj”-Online / Offline Treasure Hunt
“Richer the treasure, sweeter the pleasure”. This event had both online as well as offline hunting. The teams in this event were given clues and hints, using which they had to find the treasure hidden inside the campus. A total of 39 teams having 2 participants each took part in this event.

Prof. Malarvizhi U. along with her dedicated team of Bhavesh, Padmasree, Shilpa, Sharadhi Haritsa and Gulbhushan Shah helped the students exercise their bodies and mind and also refresh their childhood fantasies.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners were Yashwanth and Sagar from BMSCE, Rohith Kumar and Punith Jain from TOCE, and Rahul Joseph and Jijo Joy from CMRIT College.

Gully Cricket
Cricket has and will always be the favorite sport of almost every second boy and here was a chance to play and even win prizes. So, it couldn’t have got better than this. Gully Cricket is a stripped down version of International cricket and is a rage almost everywhere in the Indian subcontinent. There were nearly 55 teams that took part in Gully Cricket and it is perhaps the most successful events of all.

Under the experienced guidance of Prof. Naveen Kumar KP and the enthusiastic student coordinator Sireesh the event was a grand success.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners were BMSC, AMC and TOCE respectively.

Kurukshetra - NFS Most Wanted & Counter Strike
Both these events received an overwhelming response. Hardcore gamers battled for their position in the virtual world, showcasing their excessive gaming skills in playing computer games.

NFS Most Wanted There were a total of 50 participants from 25 colleges. There were 3 rounds for this virtual gaming event.

Counter Strike: There were a total of 30 teams from 20 colleges. It had 3 rounds + Last robin round.

The gaming events flourished under the technical and logistic guidance of Prof. Sunil RD and the active support of his student coordinators- Keerthi, Sreekanth, Manoj and Giridhar.

Mad Ads
This was a test for the creative and innovative minds. Participants had to come up with an outstanding advertisement which could win the hearts of the masses. It also tested the teamwork and coordination of the participants as only the narrator could speak and the rest of the team had to enact accordingly. Teams had to attract the audience attention and it indeed was a spectacular event.

A total of 10 teams, each having around 6-7 candidates participated in the event. Under the proficient guidance of Prof. Sonia George, her team of student coordinators Vikas, Naseen, Jithen, Dhruthi, Moumita, Veena and Sunitha made it a joyful experience full of jokes and anecdotes. The distinguished judge for the event was Mr. Ananth P Mallaya, Founder & CEO of Quantech Origin.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners were PESIT, Oxford Science College, HSR Layout and CMRIT respectively.

Valedictory Function
The eventful 2 days of OXY-TECH created lots of cherishing memories in everyone’s hearts and it’s successful completion was marked with an equally colorful Valedictory Ceremony. It was presided by The Principal TOCE, Dr. R. Nagaraj, Advisory Council member, Major Mudde Gowda, Coordinator of IEEE, Dr. Preeta Sharan, HOD-Civil, Dr. Amarnath K., HOD-MCA, Dr. Shashidhara.

It started with the Invocation song by Prashanth M., followed by the conclusion report of Oxy-Tech 2013 by Joel Fernandes. The dignitaries on stage also motivated the students and congratulated them for the grand success of their Event.

Then the much awaited part, “Prize Distribution” started. Prof. Sheerin Zadoo announced the winner’s names and the honorable dignitaries gave away the prizes & further heightened the spirits of the youth.

Suhas and Avinash from EC department enthralled and delighted the audience with their peppy dance numbers. Druthi and Moumita also vowed the crowd with their lovely dance.

Prof. Stuti Agarwal delivered the Vote of Thanks and the anchoring was being done by Anusha. Prof. Suhasini and Prof. Stuti Agarwal were the coordinators of the Stage committee under whose guidance the students got a valuable chance to show their talent and gain confidence. Prof. Mridula and her team of students decorated the stage beautifully with flowering plants and lights. Prof. Ashok led the Transportation committee and Prof. Rabi Narayan Panda with his organized and dedicated team of students headed by Prasant Rai helped to maintain Discipline within the Auditorium. Prof. Archana and Prof. Saritha looked after one of the most crucial departments ie. Registration and brought laurels to our fest with their commitment and dedication. Prof. Kranti Sri also gave her best in helping all the event committees with their requirements.

The Department can never thank enough Dr. Preeta Sharan under whose proper supervision and guidance the event flourished.

Thus, we can say that, OXY-TECH introduced students to a techno paradise, enabling them to boost up their energy levels and showcase their living talents. It was a celebration of student life as a whole.

The event was a dream of our HOD, which nurtured as a beautiful fruit-bearing tree. We can even say that HOD-MCA was the brain of the event, his Faculties were his Backbone who stood by him all through the way and the Students were like our hands and Legs without whom, nothing could have been possible.

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