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IITs staff strength to be increased to 16,000 by 2020

Updated on Wed, 02 May 2012 at 20:36 IST

In a bid to enhance the autonomy of the IIT system, IITs will also be increasing the faculty strength from around 4000 presently to 16000 by 2020 enabling the creation of a large pool of high quality faculty and researchers to meet the demands of a nation in high trajectory growth.

These are two main recommendation made by a panel headed by Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Chairman, Board of Governors, IIT, Bombay. Earlier, the Council of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) constituted a Committee comprising of experts from the fields of Education and industry, under the Chairmanship of Dr. Kakodkar to suggest roadmap for enhancing the autonomy of the IIT system.

  • IIT Kharagpur tops EDU-RAND ranking 2014

    IIT Kharagpur tops EDU-RAND ranking 2014

    Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur has emerged as top engineering college in the EDU-RAND 2014 rankings. IIT Kharagpur is followed by IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IIT Chennai and then IIT Mumbai. The EDU-RAND rakings help in greading an institute. This helps in guiding students seeking admission to an engineering college or university. EDU is a community platform for academics, administrators and business leaders in Indian higher education. RAND Corporation is a global research house known for its extensive work in education.
  • IIT Guwahati rated amoung the best young universities in the world

    IIT Guwahati rated amoung the best young universities in the world

    The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) at Guwahati has been rated amoung top 100 young universities in the world. Young universities are those which were established in within last 50 years. This report has been published by Britain-based Times Higher Education and Thomson Reuters. According to report, IIT Guwwahati is ranked 87. Recently there has been news where India's premeir institution - IITs were struggling to get better ranked. IIT Guwahait is the only Indian institution in the list.
  • IITs to increase fees by 80% in 2013

    IITs to increase fees by 80% in 2013

    Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) is all set to increase the yearly fees by 80% for undergraduate courses. The fees will be increased to RS 90,000 annually from Rs 50,000. The final decision will be taken by the IIT Council on Monday. This hike was recommended by IIT Standing Committee. A government panel has recommended to increase the fees to Rs 2 - 2.5 lacs yearly. HRD Ministry has supported the idea to increase the fees of IITs to match those of Indian Institute of Management (IIMs). IIMs presently charge around 3 times that of IITs.
  • IIT Kanpur to hold its own entrance in 2013

    IIT Kanpur to hold its own entrance in 2013

    In a clear case of revolt against Kapil Sibal's decision to merge IIT Joint Entrance Exam (IIT-JEE) with All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE), Indian Institute of (IIT) Kanpur has announced that it will conduct its own entrance exam in 2013. "The recent IIT Council proposal on admissions to IITs is academically and methodically unsound and in violation of the Institutes of Technology Act (1961) and IIT Kanpur Ordinances (Ordinance 3.2 (Admissions)," said the IIT Kanpur committee members.
  • IIT entrance examination going online ?

    After CAT it is the turn of IIT's to go online for conducting Joint Entrance Examination. They are yet to check the feasibility of the online test. IIT Delhi has invited all IIT directors to attend a workshop where the online model will be demonstrated. Education Testing Services ( ETS ) will be making a presentation and presenting in the workshop.